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Join Women in Mobile

Written by Christine

Barcelona is a city known for having its finger on the pulse of technology and development in Spain, as it is home to events like the Mobile World Conference and several startups that continue to revolutionize the field. It’s a great city to draw inspiration from as Barcelona and its people have a history of design, innovation, and being ahead of its time. This city is also the home of Women in Mobile, a group based in the Catalan capital, dedicated to women working in the mobile and technology sector. Learn more about how this group works and how it is bringing women in tech to the forefront in Barcelona.

Women in Mobile’s vision

Photo via Pixabay

The main objective of Women in Mobile is to make sure that women have a fair representation in the technology sector and that young women are encouraged to enter this highly-innovative and rewarding field. The members of the group aim to inspire other women to take on a job in tech and mobile and they do this by having female role models speak at their events and encourage other events to have women as speakers as well. The group promotes the idea that women should be asked to present as speakers and on panels at tech events. Nowadays, these events are still male-dominated, often with no women on stage or with a 5-10% of women, whereas they represent some 30% of the workforce in the industry. It’s crucial to give women in the field more visibility.

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During the Mobile World CongressWomen in Mobile as part of the off agenda, Women in Mobile held the 3rd edition of its flagship event, a professional meeting gathering some 300 women and a few men to talk about “User Experience Design” (UX). During the event, an all-female line up presented to the audience main trends in that area and encouraged women to get into it, since UX specialists are very sought after. In addition, Women in Mobile organizes networking meetings every six weeks, where women can meet and discuss professional topics and also achieve personal and professional growth. Women in Mobile also hosts workshops to help provide women the skills and knowledge that will help them bring growth and leadership to their companies.

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Photo via Pexels

There are currently more than 150 members of Women in Mobile that help to organize events in Barcelona to empower women in technology. Members often speak at events to support the cause and to spread awareness about the group and its purpose. As a member you will always be in the know about workshops, networking events, and have the support and friendship of women from all over Barcelona who work in mobile and technology. Joining is easy, all you have to do is log onto Women in Mobile‘s website and fill out an interest form explaining why you would like to become a member of this empowering group of women. Log on now to discover what this group can offer you!

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