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Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Barcelona

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Written by Daniella

You don’t really need a good excuse to leave the house and do something fun with your partner, but if you do and it’s Valentine’s Day, keep reading this article by ShBarcelona, because we have some come up with some original ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

Life is all about enjoying the moment, and instead of yet another gift, how about sharing a unique experience this Valentine’s Day?

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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022 in Barcelona

hand in hand

Photo via Pixabay

Let’s get real: most times we forget about gifts for Valentine’s Day, although we already know that an original Valentine’s Day gift can do magic for our relationship. Don’t beat yourself up over it though, just check our list of ideas, because we have collected some special gifts and the only thing left for you to do is pick one (or more).

Barcelona’s restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Going to a restaurant may seem just like another ordinary idea, but there are some restaurants in the city that will pleasantly surprise you when celebrating Valentine’s Day in Barcelona. We have already recommended Enigmatium several times before and we will do so again today, because this special and unique restaurant is a very safe bet.

Your Valentine’s evening will be different than all the others, because while you are dining, you will be able to witness several shows throughout the evening. If, however, you want more gastronomic options to choose from, you can trust The Fork and their list with Valentine’s Day restaurants in Barcelona, because they know all there is to know about food and drinks.

Visit the theatre this Valentine’s Day

twee handne met trouwringen

Photo via Pixabay

Have you ever been to one of Planeta Impro‘s improv shows before? If you haven’t, then this is the perfect idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Barcelona, because every year they come up with a special show just the sake for Valentine’s Day.

If, however, you’ve already seen one of their shows, then that is not a problem either, because none of their performances have a strict script. Every improv show is totally different from the one before, because actors get involved with the audience. This means you will be able to influence the contents of the improv show and how it turns out.

This hilarious improv show takes place at the famous Teatreneu in the Gracia district of Barcelona.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day at the Fabra Observatory

Who doesn’t like to look up at the skies and wonder what’s out there? If this sounds good to you, then visiting the Fabra Observatory in Tibidabo is oen of the best ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

You’ll enjoy breathtaking views of an illuminated Barcelona, do a tour of the observatory’s facilities, visit the art-noveau room and the museum, and at the end, you’ll be able to observe the sky through a huge telescope in the observatory’s dome.

You and your date will be able to see the closest planets and constellations. For more information, to consult availability and to book directly, please call (+34) 934 312 139.

Valentine’s Day in Barcelona – relax at a spa

Another splendid idea is visiting one of the city’s terrific spas. Can you even remember the last time you had a good massage? And was this together with your partner?

You can still make your reservation for a day at the spa. This article has an overview of the best spas in Barcelona for you and your loved one.

The city’s museums

We have now almost reached the end of this article and come to our last original plan for Valentine’s Day 2022 in Barcelona.

So let’s get a little more romantic and walk down La Rambla, where you will find Barcelona’s Erotic Museum, which is adults only. You may learn a few fun and new things here, as the museum is entirely dedicated to eroticism. You can buy tickets through this link.

The history of Valentine’s Day

Do you think Valentine’s Day is a modern tradition? Then you couldn’t be any further from the truth, because its origins can be traced back all the way to the time of the Roman Empire (third century), when a priest of Rome – named Saint Valentine – challenged Emperor Claudius II, who had decided to forbid weddings between young people.

He decided on this because, in his opinion, bachelors without any family or relationships had fewer ties and therefore performed better on the battlefields. Saint Valentine felt the decree to be unjust, and so he arranged secret marriages between many young lovers.

koppel tijdens romantisch diner

Photo via Pixabay

Valentine’s Day was not made up by a department store or a marketing agency, but there are several versions and theories of its origin, so the history of the holiday is not that clear at all. It is true, though, that Valentine’s Day has become more popular in many countries, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries, from the 20th century and onwards.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. On this day couples express their love and affection for each other by exchanging gifts and sending messages and postcards. And of course you can also use one of the ideas in this article to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Barcelona.

Are you spending Valentine’s Day in Barcelona?
If yes, share your special plan for the day with us!

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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