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6 Original Ideas For Children’s Rooms

original ideas children's bedroom
Written by Daniella

Every family member should have its own room and feel like its truly theirs. Although we naturally assume this applies to the adults inside the house, children deserve to have their own room as well. If you want to involve your child in the decoration of his or her bedroom, it is important to let them decide on the different decoration aspects.

If you are looking for some inspiration on children’s rooms and how to decorate them, read today’s article in which we present 6 original ideas for children’s rooms. You can apply one or more of them in which ever way you prefer.

Original ideas for children’s rooms

If you have just bought a house, moved from one house to another, or rented an apartment that needs furnishing and decorations, it might take some time to design a modern children’s or teenager’s bedroom that satisfies their personal taste. The most important element to think about is the theme, because from that starting point it is easier to choose colours and other decoration elements. We have collected 6 original ideas that you can pick one, or more, from to provide you with some inspiration for the children’s bedroom inside your house.

Paint the walls with blackboard paint

When you were a child you probably like painting the walls of your own room, and your parents may even have encouraged you to do so. We have all painted walls at some point in our lives, so why not let your child do so as well? The only difference now is that you have many more options than there once used to be. Your child can show his or her art by drawing on a large blackboard wall.

To create this wall, you need blackboard or chalkboard paint. It will turn the whole wall into a huge blackboard, and your child can draw whatever he or she likes. If they want to start all over again, all they have to do is wipe it clean and start a new masterpiece.

blackboard wall children

Children’s room with blackboard paint on the wall

Add playground equipment to the room

If your child loves te visit playgrounds with his or her friends, one original idea is taking some of this playground equipment inside the house and intall it in the children’s bedroom. You can, for example, attach a swing to the ceiling. And, if space is not a limiting factor, build a slide with some handy storage space underneath it. 

children's room slide swing

Children’s room with swing and slide

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Multifunctional bunk beds

If there is only one bedroom in the house for your children and they need to share it, you must be clever with space. One of the most original ways of doing this is using the principle of a bunk bed. But don’t just choose any bunk bed, pick one that offers more functions to provide maximum effect.

There is an endless list of models and designs when it comes to bunk beds. Some of them include a table or book shelf, and some even have a slide to come down from the top bed. You should always try to add children’s room furniture that is functional and both nice looking at the same time. 

If you are contemplating an even more fun and out of this world idea for a children’s room, look up suspended bunk beds and whether you can technically incorporate them in the room plan. Suspended bunk beds are a new trend you don’t want your child to miss.

original ideas for children's rooms - multifunctional bunk beds

Shared multifunctional bunk beds

Add the moon and stars to the room

Many children love to gaze at the moon and stars at night, drawing their own figures in the skies. If your child is one of them, consider decorating with special lights that project the moon and stars on the ceiling (or even the wall). Your child’s room will definitely be the room that the whole family will visit once it’s bedtime, because everyone will want to have a look at the ceiling and be mesmerized by it…

There are many different ways to create this effect. You can add the preferred shapes with special glow in the dark paint against a darker background colour, or test your home improvement skills with a suspended ceiling with lights attached to them. 

room stars moon ceiling

Children’s bedroom with moon and stars on ceiling

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Minimalist bedroom

For those who are looking for a budget design for a children’s room, you can opt for the minimalist interior look. Every day more and more teenagers are convinced of this less is more trend, where there is only room for minimal and essential items. Although the predominant colour of these bedrooms is white, you can add a personal touch by using a splash of colour or objects that represent a theme

You can find apartments for sale or rent in Barcelona with flexible room options that only need your furniture and personal decorations.

minimalist childrenss room

Minimalist children’s bedroom

Play with lights

With more and more children in the world gaming and streaming, LED lights in children’s rooms are a big hit with lots of teenagers. Playing with lights will allow you to change the room’s style at any given moment. For example, you can place a strip of LED lights on the bed’s headboard, and add strategically chosen corners in the room to add coloured spot lights. No doubt these small adjustments will turn your teenager’s bedroom into his or her favourite gaming room!

bedroom led lights

Bedroom with LED lights

We hope these 6 ideas on children’s bedrooms have inspired you, and that you can use one or more of them for your child’s room!

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Daniella enjoys everything the city of Barcelona has to offer. She writes, translates and loves discovering Catalonia and its beautiful nature.

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