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Where to fix your stuff in Barcelona

Where to fix your stuff in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Barcelona is a city that has so many stores selling items at such affordable prices that sometimes we become tempted to replace something the broke instead of trying to fix it. But it is important to start thinking about prolonging the life of the items we buy, in order to make smarter purchasing choices and to reduce our environmental impact.

Here are some of the establishments and services that can help you fix your stuff in Barcelona.

La Yaya Costurera 

fix barcelonaLa Yaya Costurera is a chain of stores that specialize in fixing clothes. Ski suits, wedding dresses, curtains, purses… you can take almost anything to La Yaya Costurera and the expert grannies will fix it for you.  

La Yaya Costurera has over twenty stores in Barcelona. The ones closest to the center are located at Carrer de Balmes 151, Carrer de Provença 225, and Carrer Aribau 13.

Casanova Foto

Casanova Foto is a store that sells and rents a variety of electronic equipment, specializing in photography. If you are having camera-related problems, Casanova Foto is the place to go to fix them.

Casanova Foto is located at Ronda Universitat 35.


Having trouble with your musical instrument? Richard Da Silva is the man to seek. Da Silva specializes in guitars but can fix all sorts of stringed instruments. Richard Da Silva’s workshop is located at his store, Guitarland, which sells a variety of musical instruments.

Guitarland, which is also known as “Guitar hospital”, is located at Carrer del Diluvi 6.

Reparat Millor que Nou 

Reparat Millor que Nou is a service created by the city council in order to prolong the life of the items purchased by the population. At Reparat Millor que Nou, citizens will find professional help and tools to be able to repair whatever needs repairing. Reparat Millor que Nou has a large workshop where items like furniture, electronic items, clothes and even bicycles can be repaired.

Reparat Millor que Nou is located at Carrer Sepúlveda 45-47.

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fix barcelonaGeoMac’s owner George Cowdery has been offering technical support for Apple computers and tutoring for Apple Macintosh products. Cowdery is an advocate for prolonging the life of Apple products, advising customers to not give into the temptation of buying a new model every time it comes out, and simply refurbishing the old one with a new hard drive and system update that gets computers working as if they were new again.

You can contact George Cowdery at GeoMac’s official website.

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