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Where to Find the Best January Sales

Written by Laura

For shopaholics, there is little time remaining before the arrival of the best time of year; when the holidays end and January 7 arrives, winter sales officially begin. This sales period extends until the beginning of February, giving you nearly a month to buy the things you need (and probably the things you don’t need) all at lowered prices. Although nowadays there are many stores that offer both online and in-store discounts throughout the year, many people continue to wait for the traditional sales time in January to do their mass discounted shopping. Here at ShBarcelona, we know where to find best January discounts, and today we’ll be sharing them with you in this article.

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Who doesn’t love a good discount?

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The majority of us have very little time to actually go shopping in person, making the Internet and online shopping a very convenient resource. However, with the millions of options that the Internet offers to us, where do you find the best discounts? Amazon is one site that offers great discounts on a wide selection of items of all categories, from clothes to electronics to home decor. In addition to being extremely reliable when it comes to shipping and returns, Amazon shows reviews by real users so you can see what people have thought of the product. If you’re on the hunt for clothes and accessories, Asos offers big discounts for a number of brands, some of which are not easy to find elsewhere in Spain. If you want to take advantage of buying high-end products from luxury brands with discounts of up to 60%, Net-a-Porter is your go-to with their online store. For beauty fanatics and those who love to collect makeup and cosmetics, Lookfantastic offers discounts all year round, but during January sales you can find high-quality products up to 50% off. One piece of advice: subscribe to their newsletter, as they always send additional discounts especially for their subscribers. Nowadays, all the largest store chains have online stores, making it easier to get ahold of a product if there’s one that you’re set on finding.

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If you’re more of a traditional shopper and buying things online without seeing them first just isn’t your style, you can go to any of the large chain stores in the city to find deals at places like Inditex, Mango and H&M. A good store option for quality basics at a discounted price is Uniqlo. You can also find a variety of things you need at El Corte Inglés, where there are a wide range of prices and brands for all tastes and budgets, as well as famously low discounts, so don’t miss out on these potential bargains! Fnac and MediaMarkt also offer great discounts on select items – if you want to invest in a new electronic, you can check out some of their deals and see which is right for you. Sales are a good time to invest in a product or brand that you wouldn’t at other times of the year due to the price, as they are more likely to be within your budget range in January. The companies with medium-high prices also offer great discounts, so head to some of the central higher-marked stores to see if you can find a luxury item within your price range. Also, don’t forget about small businesses – if there is a small local or handmade-product store near you, they may offer you some especially sweet deals in January.

What are you going to buy while it’s on sale?

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