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A walk in Carrer de la Canuda

A walk in Carrer de la Canuda
Written by Paula

There are many nice streets just off of La Rambla. Today we are going to explore Carrer de la Canuda.

Flora Albaicín

barcelona barcelonaThe oldest flamenco store in Barcelona, Flora Albaicín has been in business for 24 years. The store is owned by the daughter of Flora Albaicín, a famous flamenco dancer. The store sells flamenco dresses, Sevillana dresses, flamenco shoes and boots, fans, skits, castañuelas, and much more.

Flora Albaicín is also the place to go if you need Flamenco clothes tailor made for you.

Flora Albaicín is located at Carrer de la Canuda, 3.

Libreria Antiquària Farré

Libreria Antiquària Farré is an important name in antiquarian book selling in Barcelona. At Libreria Antiquària Farré visitors can find a variety of books and magazines on various topics like cooking, hunting, and law.

Libreria Antiquària Farré is located at Carrer de la Canuda, 24.


Pampling is a textile-printing shop that sells t-shirts, bags, hoodies, sneakers, scarves, umbrellas, and mugs with cool and edgy designs. Pampling’s designs feature famous characters like Songoku, the Cheshire Cat, the Joker, Disney’s princesses, Homer Simpson, Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie and other original designs, mixing them up to produce entertaining results.

Pampling is located at Carrer de la Canuda, 24.


Volcom is a brand of clothing that embraces the modern lifestyle of a young culture with a creative spirits. Its values are liberation, innovation and experimentation. The brand sells items for men, women and children, from snow clothes to party ensembles, Volcom presents fresh designs for those why want to try something new.

Volcom is located at Carrer de la Canuda, 35.

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barcelona barcelonaDecathlon is a sporting goods chain that has some of the biggest sports stores in Europe. Decathlon sells a variety of clothes and accessories for every type of sport, like fitness, surf, biking, badminton, swimming, dancing, golf, horse riding and more.

Decathlon is located at Carrer de la Canuda, 20.

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