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Where to study in Barcelona

Where to study Barcelona
Written by Jack

Whether you’re looking to study abroad in Barcelona, about to embark on an undergraduate course, a TEFL program, a Masters, erasmus exchange, language course, looking for cool study spots or simply wanting to find accommodation for when you get here. Barcelona has an abundance of avenues to explore regarding studies and accommodation. In this article you will be provided with useful, bite-sized information and links to guide you into the right choices. 

Why study in Barcelona

Where to Study BarcelonaBarcelona is undeniably one of the world’s best places to be a student. Boasting several major universities it has created a thriving student life of activity. It’s student population is huge, with around 200,000 spread across its several universities. The universities have a myriad of different activities to help you explore, settle into new surroundings, or even take up a new hobby. Barcelona is an international city so it’s simple to make friends from all over the globe. As well as choosing what to study in Barcelona and the appropriate program, coming to Barcelona is very much a lifestyle choice, allowing you to bathe in it’s culture, architecture and beaches in your downtime.

Learn a language

There are a multitude of English speaking courses on offer although learning the language is highly recommended, whether it be your sole focus or in addition to your studies. The level in which you want to aim for is entirely down to personal preference. Generally, the best approach is to combine formal learning in a school setting with more casual, everyday interaction. Locals are always happy to hear a foreigner making an effort and it can give you a great sense of accomplishment, even if it’s ordering a take-away coffee. If you’re pondering where to study Spanish in Barcelona, or Catalan. You can find five of the best centres for learning Spanish here. Most foreigners, like myself, use different means of language acquisition on top of formal learning. For example, language exchanges, intercambios or intercanvis in Catalan, are very common whereby both parties have something to gain in a casual environment. There are also hundreds of different types of events, not just languages, organized through a website called meetup, it’s also a great way to meet new people.

Study spots

Study Spots Barcelona

We all work in different ways and sometimes location is just as important as the learning itself. Study spots in Barcelona are integral to the lifestyle of the modern day student. Some of us love a bustling cafe with wifi, where we can get our laptop out and blend into the background in the heart of the gothic quarter. While some of us cultivate productivity in quieter environments such as the network of municipal libraries funded by Barcelona City Council. Whatever student you are and what your preferred working methodology is, there is a study spot for any type of person here in Barcelona.

Location is everything, not just where you study but where you get much needed rest after a hard days work. ShBarcelona offer a vast portfolio of flats and apartments for daily, weekly, monthly and long term rentals to cater for your needs as a student.

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Jack is a foreign languages graduate, used to writing for a variety of means, about a variety of topics.

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