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Moving in

Water, gas, electricity – Who are the available providers?

Written by Vicky York

You’ve managed to find the right flat in Barcelona, but now you’re left with the daunting task of trying to sort out the water, gas and/or electricity. To help you with this process we give you some of the main providers to make moving in and starting your new life in Barcelona just that bit easier.

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The main water provider in Barcelona is Aigues de Barcelona. The company supplies water to around 3 million people in Barcelona and in 22 municipalities around the city. Connecting is quite simple and can be done by telephoning customer services. You’ll need your NIE, rental contract, Cédula de Habitabilidad and your bank details. Bills are sent out quarterly. The water is safe to drink in Barcelona but it isn’t known for having a nice taste, so many choose to buy bottled water.

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In some flats around Barcelona, butane bottles are used for cooking and providing hot water. The main supplier is Repsol Butano and in the morning you can hear sellers on the streets clanking on the bottles. If you need to install gas service you will need to contact a registered engineer. Both gas and electricity bills are sent every other month and you have to have your gas appliances inspected every five years. However, some companies such as Repsol Butano do include this in your contract.

If you already have gas installed, you simply have to choose which gas company to switch to. The main gas providers are: Gas Natural, Iberdrola, Repsol Butano, CEPSA.

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In 2003, the gas and electricity market was liberalised in Spain which means that you can now choose which company you want to provide your gas and/or electricity. Some of the main electricity suppliers are:

Fesca Endesa remains the largest electricity company in Spain with over 11 million clients and also offers gas and electricity plans.

Gas Natural and Iberdrola offer electricity plans. If you’re looking for both gas and electricity providers they can also offer combined packages. This may mean that your bills are cheaper, as well as being a lot easier to manage.

Are you looking for water, gas and electricity providers in Barcelona? Let us know what you need help with by commenting below!

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Vicky York

Vicky is a UK copywriter and translator based in Barcelona. An avid traveller, festival follower and music lover.

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  • yes, I live near Via Julia; I just moved in and since I don’t live at home quite often I travel and so I do need a cheapest plan including everything like gas , water and electricity. Please help

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