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Visiting “L’Aquàrium” of Barcelona

Written by Adriana

The Aquarium is a unique underwater show in the world, one of the largest aquariums worldwide that houses over 11,000 fish and sea creatures of 450 different species. It is a special and fun place to go with children and to live an amazing experience surrounded by hundreds of species that you have ever seen. From ShBarcelona we recommended you to go to the Aquarium on a rainy day because it is covered and you can spend a long time inside, but you can go any time, whatever season it is.

Parts of the Aquarium:

Mediterranean Aquariums: here you will explore the Mediterranean Sea and the Catalan coast from north to south through 14 aquariums that show a variety of different marine regions.

Tropical Aquariums: you won’t see anywhere else but here the colorful species of these tanks, so it is worth to pay attention to all the animals that inhabit them. You will enjoy the exotic tropical seas.

Oceanarium: is the highlight of this place. Its dimensions of 36 meters in diameter and 5 meters in depth make it the largest aquarium in the Aquarium. Visitors can go through a glass tunnel of 80 meters long not suitable for claustrophobic people, allowing them to see sharks, rays, eels, bream and many other species from a short distance.

One of the most famous activities that can be performed in Barcelona’s Aquarium is diving with sharks. Are you already scared? Yes, it’s normal. This is one of the most unique of all you can experience here and in all your entire life if you’re brave enough to get into a tank with 4 million liters of water and swim through this beasts. Oh, you must have the diving license, but it’s worth to get it in order to live it. The price of this activity is 300 €.

Another curious and impressive experience you can do at the Aquarium is sleeping with sharks. Yes, you read that right. You can also sleep one night on the facilities in a protected space (of course), surrounded by sharks to watch and study their behavior in these “night” hours. Definitely something you should not miss out on, although the price of 80 € maybe makes you think twice…

Inside the Aquarium you can also celebrate your birthday surrounded by sharks and thousands of fishes.

As you can see, endless activities await you in this space and they are all very educational and bring closer both to children and to adults, the marine life, so unknown, and therefore, feared. Take a walk to the port of Barcelona and visit the Aquarium in one of the most beautiful places in the whole city.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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