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Vegetarian and vegan

Vegetarian restaurants in Barrio Gótico

Written by Christine

One of the great things about Barcelona is its delicious food and its variety of restaurants. Anything you have a craving for can be found, especially in one Barcelona’s most well-known neighborhoods, Barrio Gótico. Rich with history, culture, and gastronomy, Barrio Gótico should be your number-one choice for renting in Barcelona. A new trend in recent years has been the appearance of more vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Barcelona, especially in the city center. Here are some suggestions of where you can find exquisite vegetarian food in the heart of Barcelona.


Photo via VisualHunt

Photo via VisualHunt

Biocenter has been serving delicious vegetarian dishes in Barcelona since 1980 and it shows no signs of slowing down. Since its inception, this restaurant has emphasized the importance of organic ingredients and fresh produce. In addition to being healthy and tasty, this restaurant is incredibly affordable, as the set menu during the week is only €10.45 for four courses (€12.45 on Saturday). Biocenter is more than a restaurant since its walls serve and as exhibition space for local artists and, periodically, there are workshops or talks held to promote the vegetarian lifestyle. Check out their website for menu options and upcoming events.

Address: Pintor Fortuny, 25


Rasoterra is a beautiful bistro that plates delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes that are created to tell a story. Everything that is prepared in Rasoterra is organic, sustainable, and locally sourced to ensure that not only is everything fresh and healthy but it also has a positive impact on the environment. The vegetables come from local markets or the garden behind the restaurant, and everything is prepared with care and attention to detail. The lunch menu is served during the week and the dishes change each week depending on what is in season at the time. The menu costs €11 for three courses of gourmet vegetarian dishes.

Address: Carrer del Palau, 5

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Photo by smiteme via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by smiteme via Visual Hunt

Vegetalia is located in the heart of Barrio Gótico, a wonderful area in Barcelona that gives visitors a true sense of the history and culture of the city. You can find Vegetalia’s high-quality, plant-based products not only in the restaurant but also in health food stores all over Barcelona. During the week you can try the restaurant’s vegetarian dishes which focus on international flavors. The lunch menu is served during the week and it highlights the ingredients of the season. This restaurant is not only a great option to try vegetarian food but is also a great place to learn more about vegetarian cuisine around the world.

Address: C/ Escudellers, 54

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Govinda was established in 1986 as a Hindu vegetarian restaurant, giving Barcelona a taste of exotic and new flavors. The restaurant is decorated and designed to make you feel as if you have just taken a trip to India without ever leaving Barcelona. The menu is vegetarian with vegan options available, and each dish is made to be both healthy and tasty. If you’re in the mood for something spicy then look no further since Govinda uses traditional herbs and spices that have been used in Hindu cooking for centuries. You can also call Govinda for take away if you feel like having a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home.

Address: Plaça de la Vila de Madrid, 4

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