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9 Meals For Under 10€ in Barcelona

Written by heather


Foni Bar Restaurant, C/ Est, 9 Barcelona10 Meals For Under 10€

Better known as Africa Bar, Foni is famed for its traditional homemade curries. The menu has a small selection of dishes and all of them are highly recommended. The Super Kanja is made up of beef with a spinach, carrot and tomato sauce. The Maffe Arroz involves a peanut sauce, tomato, onion and chicken: authenticity at its best. Each dish costs 5,50€ and if you’re only feeling a little peckish, they serve the dishes in half portions. Don’t forget to wash down your meal with one of their cheap, but delicious cocktails.


10 Meals For Under 10€Sandwiches

Que Bo, C/ Nou De La Rambla, 75B

Perfect for a quick snack in between sightseeing, Que Bo has a range of filled Baguettes, wraps and pita bread. The Menu QueBo is priced at 7,95€ and includes a side of fries and a drink. If you prefer to opt for a healthy snack, the Caesar Salad, drink and bread costs 5€.



La Taguara, C/ Rec, 10Top 5 Areperia Barcelona

The Venezuelan restaurant offers a selection of filled arepas, all priced between 3€ and 4€. They also have some fantastic postres to choose from, but I doubt you’ll have room for dessert; these arepas are huge. Their exotic fruit juices are also a hit, with a big selection to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.


10 Meals For Under 10€Burger

Macamaka Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 76

One thing Barcelona isn’t short of is a good hamburger restaurant. Macamaka is arguably one of the best burger joints in the city, with the added luxury of a perfect location looking over Barcelonetta beach. The burgers are priced between 5,20€ and 9,80€ and they also have a fantastic selection of salads. The menu is very fun and creative, such as the Maradona Burger, named after the famous footballer the Argentinian-style beef burger is topped with buffalo mozzarella, eggplant, arugula, sun dried tomato and homemade chirichuri sauce. The latest edition to their menu is simply called The Brunch: A Spanish tortilla served with avocado, gruyere cheese, lettuce and Macamaka’s famous mustard-mayo sauce. Perfect for a late-morning meal.



La Malandrina, C/ de L’Almirall Cervera, 510 Meals For Under 10€

For one of the busiest steak houses in Barcelona, all you need is 8€ and a healthy appetite. This family-run Uruguayan restaurant has been a hidden treasure for many years, but now it is so popular, they’ve just opened another restaurant two doors down. A steak is served with either a salad, rice, sliced baked potatoes or their highly recommended, famous cream potatoes.


10 Meals For Under 10€Tapas

Can paixano, C/ de la Reina Christina, 7

Don’t expect a white table-clothed, candle-lit romantic restaurant, nor a penguin-dressed waiter ready for you hand and foot. Don’t expect a table at all. This place is busy, loud and simply spectacular. The atmosphere is one of their selling points. The place is always busy, but the service is faultless. This is a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. The menu covers half the wall, listing a fantastic variation of Catalan meats and cheeses served on either a plate to share, or in a sandwich, all under 5€. Don’t forget to buy yourself a bottle of their cava, after all, you are in La Xampanyeria.



Cat Bar, C/ Boria, 110 Meals For Under 10€

Their famous veggie burgers are not to be missed, and at 6.50€ a pop, you have yourself one hell of a deal. They also have a Plato del día at 8,50€, which is a big hit. This little bar-restaurant is located on the edge of El Born and is always busy. They are also big fans of their beers: the drinks menu has an array of Catalan craft beers and are huge supporters of the punky Scottish Brew Dog.


10 Meals For Under 10€Indian

Nice Spice, C/ Pujades 207

If you are enjoying a leisurely stroll through the streets of Poble Nou, make sure and stop for lunch at this Indo-Pakistani restaurant for a lunchtime menu. There are two Menu Del Días to choose from, both priced at 9,50€. Their most popular dish is the chicken tikka massala, but overall this restaurant serves up top quality dishes. You can wash it down with a traditional Indian Kashmir or milkshake.



Khan Kaffrun, c/Torrent De Les Flors, 3910 Meals For Under 10€

If you enjoy quality traditional Lebanese cuisine, this is definitely the place to go. Khan Kaffrun deserves way more credit than it has. The service is impeccable, the menu has everything you would expect and it is a steal: the platos combinados are priced at 9€ a dish while the platos Khan Kaffrun are between 6 and 7€. The portions aren’t huge, however you will be pleasantly satisfied.




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