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Last-Minute Gifts for Valentine’s Day

romantic table with "love" plate
Written by Daniella

Have you forgotten it’s almost Valentine’s Day and don’t you have a nice gift for your partner yet? Don’t worry, this has happened to all of us at one time or another. Just before going to bed you tell yourself: “Tomorrow I will get that gift!”, but all of a sudden it’s February 14th

There is absolutely no need to panic, because ShBarcelona has made a list of last-minute gifts for Valentine’s Day. You will surely find something in today’s blog article to surprise your other half with.

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Discover surprising last-minute gifts for Valentine’s Day

plate with pink cookies

Photo via Pixabay

If you are still looking for a suitable gift, but you are running out of time, let us help you with a few ideas. It is not always that easy to find something that will be appreciated, but remember that it’s the thought that counts.

Even a lovely card can make a big impression, but our suggestions might be just what you need, so keep reading!

Our first idea for a gift is a nice, warm blanket. This is something to enjoy on a cold evening: curling up on the couch while watching a romantic movie and snacking on a bowl of popcorn together.

If you really want to impress your lover, opt for an electric blanket. This will surely keep you and your loved one warm on cold nights. You can find these kinds of blankets at El Corte Inglés and MediaMarkt, and these stores have several locations in Barcelona.

Do you happen to live together with a true lover of cheese? Then how about a special cheese tasting basket. You can find these at Can Luc’s, for example, and this shop is in Carrer de Berga in the heart of Vila de Gràcia.

It is dedicated to putting together different baskets with: assorted cheeses, jams, wines, and crackers. Besides Can Luc there is also Maison Puyvalin. This shop is located at Carrer de Trafalgar in the district of l’Eixample, and you can choose from a large variety of French cheeses (cow’s, goat’s or sheep’s cheese). Anything you select here will make a delicious culinary gift.

Personalized wines are perfect for those who can appreciate a good wine. So why not show your affection in a very special and original way by writing your personal text on the label? There are several online companies offering you the possibility to do so.

Your partner will then receive a bottle with a message of true love. Not only the bottle can have your personal touch because usually, these gifts include a wooden box, that can sometimes also be personalized. Check out if this is your perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

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heart shaped book with rose petals

Photo via Pixabay

If you happen to be living together with a sushi addict, then he or she will be in for a big surprise. Order sushi for two and prepare an evening together with a romantically decorated table, including an exquisite wine and candles. Barcelona offers plenty of restaurants to order your sushi from, either to pick up yourself or for home delivery.

A true romantic will always enjoy a lovely bouquet of flowers and not only on Valentine’s Day. Luckily there are plenty of flower shops in Barcelona nowadays, so you will have no trouble at all finding a flower shop with beautiful bouquets to choose from.

You can add your personal note and what’s most convenient, is that many flower shops, like for example, even do same-day deliveries.

But what to do if your partner loves to read? An excellent option is to give him or her a subscription to one of the many e-book websites or apps on the market.

This is not only a cheap way to read lots of top quality books, but it also allows you to read books that have only recently been published. If you are looking for e-books, check out Bookchoice. This is people’s favourite at the moment, but, of course, you have many more options when it comes to digital books.

Do you have other suggestions for gifts for Valentine’s Day?

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