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7 Original Gifts For Valentine’s Day

red heart in between two fingers
Written by Daniella

It’s almost February 14th, and that means we are all looking for original gifts for Valentine’s Day. We have some good news for you, because in this article you will get plenty of ideas on what gift(s) to choose.

And although not every couple celebrates Valentine’s Day, there are still those who enjoy spending a romantic day together. And why not?

So let’s get down to business as there is not much time left to get your gifts for Valentine’s Day. Here are some adorable ideas for gifts that you can even make yourself.

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What will you give this Valentine’s Day?

We don’t have to explain that there are many options, and your choice will depend on your personal style and the one at the receiving end.

First, start with the question hoe important it is for you and your partner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Does he/she expect a romantic date, or is February 14th not that big of a deal for the two of you?

Once you have found out where you stand, it is easy to make a choice: search for something simple or go completely over the top. Whether it’s one or the other, here are some interesting ideas to help you decide on what gifts for Valentine’s Day to get.

scrabble letters

Photo via Pexels

7 Gifts for Valentine’s Day; from less to more expensive

Of course there are more options than you can even think of, and that’s why we are giving you a couple of simple suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Don’t get all of them though! Don’t forget about your personal budget and how special you need your Valentine’s Day gift to be.

1. You can never go wrong with a jar full of sweets

It’s as simple as that. Visit your local sweet shop and buy the goodness you know your loved one likes most. You can also go for only the heart shape sweets, but that would make the jar a bit boring we think.

Add a thoughtful message to go with the jar (or on the jar) and you’re ready. Enjoy a couple of hours curled up on the couch together, watch a movie on Netflix and let your jar of sugary sweetness do the rest.

valentine's day candy jar

Photo via Pexels

2. Breakfast in bed

This is surely not the first time breakfast in bed has crossed your mind. It doesn’t have to be complicated and can even be a nice gift for other special dates, like a birthday or other life event.

Waking up and getting a gift is always a pleasure, but when there’s food involved, it’s even better. Be sure you know what your partner can appreciate at breakfast (sweet or savoury, coffee or tea), and surprise him/her with a lovely basket full of flavour.

If you have the time, you can prepare this breakfast basket yourself, if not, just order it. It all depends on how much energy you are willing to put into this Valentine’s Day gift.

valentine's day breakfast

Photo via Unsplash

3. Personalised mug

So let’s go to the next level. A mug is always a good idea, because it is something we all use on a daily basis. It becomes a special gift because of its simplicity.

You can make it more special by personalising the mug, and there are dozens of websites where you can design your own, but you can also buy one that is ready-made for Valentine’s Day.

If there is no fear of commitment between the two of you and you are an absolute daredevil, buy a set of mugs. This is a subtle way of telling your other half that you would like to have breakfast together every morning from now on, but only if you each have a his and her mug.

valentine's day mug for couples

Photo via Unsplash

4. A classic: a pair of socks

Another idea is a pair of funny or good socks. This gift will never disappoint, because who doesn’t wear socks? They can be on the list for a birthday, for Christmas, any time really.

What makes them even better, is adding a personal touch to them. Personalising a Valentine’s Day gift is the way to go, even when it concerns socks.

And if you’re too lazy or running out of time, don’t worry: there are plenty of designs with a Valentine’s Day theme waiting for you to wrap them in some gift wrapping.

gift socks for valentine's day

Photo via Unsplash

5. Collect memories in a photo album

Okay, so all the gifts mentioned above are still easy and simple. Let’s turn it up a notch and get creative: make your lover a personal photo album.

If you are someone that is always making pictures left and right, this should not only be easy, but also a thoughtful gift to give. Choose your favourite photos, get an album and some good quality glue and start putting the photo album together.

If you haven’t yet got enough photos of the two of you, it can still be a nice gift. Just buy a disposable camera and an empty photo album to fill the album along the way of your date or relationship. It doesn’t matter how long you have already been seeing each other, a photo album is a keeper.

valentine's day photo album

Photo via Unsplash

6. A list of activities for the two of you

This gift will ask a bit more of your attention and you might have to try hard to remember everything, but what better gift is there than a list of things you only want to do together with your other favourite person in the whole wide world?

You can write the list, even put it in a nice frame, and then give it as a token of your love for each other. This might sound a bit sentimental, but hey, that’s what Valentine’s Day is for, isn’t it?

valentine's day letter

Photo via Unsplash

7. Weekend getaway

Our final idea for a Valentine’s Day gift is a getaway for just the two of you, with no other people and no distractions, you only have eyes for each other.

Of course, escaping your normal routine and usual environment is always a great way to spend time together. A couple of days away from home can do wonders.

And a weekend can be good for several things: visiting a different city, taking the car and driving to a rural hotel to do some outdoor activities… It’s up to you. Suprise your loved one and enjoy your time discovering new places.

romantic getaway valentine's day

Photo via Unsplash

Even more gifts for Valentine’s Day

There are clearly more ideas than we could ever put in this article. We have shared some of the more simple, delicious and romantic ones today, and some of them can be quite loud in stating your love for that other significant person in your life.

We hope we were able to help you find your original gift for Valentine’s Day (and maybe for the next few years too).

What will you be giving your partner this Valentine’s Day?
As long as you remember that life is all about sharing!

We look forward to reading your comments below

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