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Interview to Joaquin Rebled, ShBarcelona’s Sales Manager

Written by Adriana

This is the third interview we did to a member of our staff to offer the best information about Barcelona. In ShBarcelona we like you to enjoy this city as much as us, so we offer the best advice and the best accommodation in all neighborhoods and at the price that best suits your needs. In this case we talked to Joaquin Rebled, responsible for the sales department, because besides of the best rental apartments for your holidays, you can also find a wide offer to buy. Let’s see what Joaquín tells us…

What do you exactly do at ShBarcelona and what your duties are in the agency?

shbarcelonaI am responsible for the ShBarcelona sales department. We are a team of four people with several functions but obviously we are all capable of doing anything of which are given in a sales department. Basically, my main concern is that the apartments bookings end up in a successful selling, with all the paperwork done. That means you have done a good job, starting with the acquisition, following the selling process and, of course, that all necessary documents are correct and management has made a good record.

What is your career and how did you end up working in ShBarcelona?

I come from the world of law, in particular, the administrative law so that all matters relating to procurement is more than familiar to me. I was a partner in the law firm Forum Barcino where I was sometimes in charge of issues of urban planning, then I became a Director Office at Expofinques in 2004, there started my career in this selling field, with new apartments, selling by plan, apartments rentals and now in Sh where I begun working in late September 2012.

What basic tips would you give to someone who wants to buy a property in Barcelona?

A ShBarcelona apartment for sale

A ShBarcelona apartment for sale

I would try to find out what they are looking for in a house and why they want to buy a house, whether it is for an investment or is to live in it. In any case, I would say that by the time they find what they want, they don’t hesitate to buy. They have to be sure about the agency they are “walking this road” with as this is a not always pleasant path to walk. In ShBarcelona we tried to walk along our clients and advise them as the process of sale doesn’t become a torture.

What do you like the most about Barcelona?

I like places that can still be found in our neighborhoods and the extraordinary associative and cultural fabric that is the city which, I think, shows that Barcelona is a lively city where things always happen.

And what do you like the least?

The traffic. I think we lose our manners when we drive. I don’t like the crowds in Ciutat Vella, it looks like a theme park in which citizens are one more element. When I go to La Boqueria for groceries, I can’t help to feel like I’m in the Pacman game.

Huesca Square in Barcelona

Huesca Square in Barcelona

Could you recommend some place that you like and that few people know in Barcelona?

Barcelona neighborhoods often have their own historical center, with its narrow streets and beautiful squares where it is still possible to get lost. Lately I often visit the area of Huesca square in Sants… pedestrian zone invites you to stroll with excellent neighborhood restaurants at a very good price.

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