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Travel Essentials for Barcelona

Written by Dorothy


In Barcelona the summer is long and very warm. If coming to Barcelona between May and October, you’ll want to pack lightweight clothing, especially between June and September when it’s hot more or less all day every day. Shorts, summer dresses and lightweight cardigans (for when the temperature dips at night) are perfect for girls. And of course, don’t forget your beach/swimwear so you can sunbathe and swim at the beaches in or around Barcelona. Oh yes, and sunglasses are essential. The sun is very strong here!

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Whatever you might have been led to believe, there is a winter in Barcelona and it can even get a little cold! From November to March a jacket/coat and winter clothes will be necessary.

Umbrella/ poncho

Whatever the time of year, bringing something for the rain is always a very sensible idea. Fortunately rain isn’t a very regular feature of the Barcelona climate but it does come along from time to time. Including in the summer. And usually when it does, it’s more than a light drizzle. A poncho is a good (if not particularly fashionable) option if you want to keep it lightweight for carrying about.


Barcelona is a great place for walking, with lots of pleasant streets, interesting architecture and good street vibes to take in. Furthermore the tourist sites are well spread out across the city. This means you can end up covering quite a distance on foot, without really realising. So, it’s highly recommended to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. Think trainers and comfy sandals. At least for the day time. The heels can be cracked out at night for those ladies so inclined, though certainly not necessary for those less inclined as Barcelona is a very relaxed city where, unless you’re heading to some particularly fancy or exclusive venue, more or less anything goes.


Beware of pickpockets! That’s the most important thing to remember when choosing, packing and (most importantly) carrying your belongings. Be particularly wary with rucksacks, especially in pickpocket hotspots such as the metro, La Rambla and the main tourist sites. Well, just anywhere really. Most people who have spent any amount of time in Barcelona will tell you that they or someone they know have had some belonging(s) snatched from them. Remember pickpockets are trained and highly skilled at their trade. So be wary of where you place your valuables, make sure your bag closes properly and most importantly keep a watchful eye at all times.

Spanish Phrasebook

For the most part you can get around in Barcelona speaking English with little language barrier stress. However, don’t expect to always be met with a seemingly fluent English-speaking assistant or waiter. Also, it’s always appreciated if you are seen to be making at least a tiny bit of effort to speak the local language. So, if you’re not already skilled in Spanish or Catalan, a small phrasebook of essentials will hold you in good stead. This could be particularly helpful if you’re planning on straying away from the touristy spots.

Packing Pro App

In addition to the tips provided above, take the stress out of packing by downloading the Packing Pro application. Rather than relying on guesswork or trying to cover all eventualities, just tell the app your destination and dates and, hey presto, you’ll have a list of items you may need.

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Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.

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