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Packing Tips for Barcelona

barcelona top packing tips
Written by Kerry

Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.  If you plan to join the million visitors it houses each year then here are a few tips to help when visiting the city.

1. Clothes

If you are visiting during the Summer which in Barcelona is from the beginning of June to the end of October then make sure that you pack light clothes.  It can get extremely hot in the city so it would be wise to pack T-shirts, skirts and shorts.  Vintage fashion is very popular among the girls, therefore wearing high-waits shorts and sleeve-less shirts are often seen in the streets of Barcelona.  You can join in the fashion trend by wearing the same clothes.  A light weight dress is crucial if you intend to visit the beach or venture out at night.

2. Comfortable footwear

The tourist attractions are spread out throughout the city.  If you intend to visit as many as possible, I suggest that during the summer you wear sandals and ladies should keep their high heels for restaurants or going out at night.  Light and comfortable footwear, to enjoy the strolls across the city.

Las Ramblas street

Las Ramblas street

3. Sunglasses

There is extremely strong sunlight in Barcelona.  If you are planning on being out in the sun, a hat would be a good complement.  Many tourists suffer from sun stroke.  The city is near the sea and tourists do not realize how strong the sun is until it is too late.  So make sure that you pack protection creams and go out with hats and sunglasses.

4. Handbags or rucksacks

Make sure that they do not hold all your money, but just practical things such as a camera, map, fan and a bottle of water.  The important thing is to remember that the pickpockets of Barcelona are trained and can easily steal from you by bumping into you for a few seconds.  It is best to be prepared so make sure that your bag can fasten and it is secure.

5. Beach gear

There are so many beaches to choose from in Barcelona, that it would be a waste not to visit at least one or two.  The popular ones are not far from the city center, so if you do intend to visit them remember your swimming gear and towels.

Barcelona Beach Front

Barcelona Beach Front

6. Photo Equipment

There are so many things to see and memories to take back and show other family members.  The architecture in Barcelona is amazing from Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, Park Guell to La Pedrera the list is endless.  Make sure that you bring your camera and put it in a safe place, close to your body.

Park Guell

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Kerry is a journalism student and a blogger living in Barcelona.

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  • Good job. Very useful tips. Having a linguistic immersion in Spain is a great experience.

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