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To the most nostalgic Americans: Taste of America

Written by Adriana

Fifteen years ago a group of Spanish and American friends decided to open the first store in Spain which offered only American products. Today they are a 14 stores franchise spread across Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Malaga and Mallorca and they are the exclusive distributor of several high quality prestigious brands. If you are spending a few days or a long term in Barcelona and you feel kind of nostalgic about your home country, or simply curious to try products from Taste of America, we recommend that you take a walk by this store located on Balmes street (number 322) or by the store you’ll find in Sant Cugat (C/ Plana Hospital 18). You won’t get away from there with empty hands! To get to know better the store, its philosophy and what it offers, we interviewed Andrea Abelló, communication manager in Taste of America.

What is Taste of America?

It is a stores network offering a wide selection of American food and kitchenware.

What specific products and brands can be found on the store that aren’t sold in a typical grocery store?

Peanut butter, Peperidge Farm cookies, vanilla Coca Cola, Nerds, Froot Loops, Quaker, Wilton, bagels, BBQ sauces, Tyrrells, root beer, and much more.

Do you find it very difficult to get the products that you sell at Taste of America? Who is your supplier?

We import and we have exclusivity agreement with a lot of brands besides we have our own brand.

What do you sell the most?

There are many essential products, but the most popular is may be the vanilla Coca Cola and cookies.

Do you accept special orders? (A particular product that a customer is looking for and is not normally available in the store)

We usually put all our efforts in meeting the needs of our customers, but sometimes, because of the customs law is impossible to import something.

Are your clients usually from the U.S. or are they locals?

We have many clients from the U.S. but the 60% of our customers are locals that have been living in the U.S. for a while. Many of our customers simply love to cook and try new food or innovate.

And finally… we can’t leave Tase of America withour buying…

Some Mac & Cheese, all Americans have grown up with them.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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