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Why McDonald’s in Barcelona is much better than in the United States?

Why McDonalds in Barcelona is much better than in America
Written by Dorothy

Whether you call it junk food or comfort food, most of us crave it from time to time, even in ShBarcelona, especially when those sudden hunger pangs strike.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it will interest you to know that McDonald’s in Spain has been said to be much better than the McDonald’s in the United States.

Well, it’s certainly true that on the Spanish McDonald’s menu you can find some unique dishes aiming to appeal to those Mediterranean taste buds.

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Differences between McDonald’s in Spain and the United States


To start, there is the Big Mac Chicken sandwich. The same concept as a Big Mac, but with crispy chicken replacing the beef.

As an accompaniment, you can also enjoy soft and crispy fried potato wedges (Patatas Deluxe), a welcome and tasty alternative to regular McDonald’s French fries.

Fish McBites are another addition to the Spanish McDonald’s menu.

These were in fact once available in the United States, but due to their lack of popularity there they were discontinued. These don’t exactly get great reviews!

Additional unique items you can find in McDonald’s Spain are Gazpacho (a refreshing and very popular cold tomato and vegetable soup), and the McIbérica sandwich, a beef burger with jamón ibérico, Manchego cheese, olive oil, lettuce and tomato on a toasted baguette bun.

Indeed, there is a whole host of venues dotted around the city serving up mouth-wateringly delicious and creative gourmet burgers.

One of the top tasty burger joints you should definitely try – if you are around the city centre – is Bacoa, which you can find both on Ronda Universitat and also near Santa Caterina in Ciutat Vella.

Alternative options

In Barcelona, you can also find a number of alternative themed fast food venues.

For instance, there is the vegan-friendly Maoz Falafel on Carrer de Ferran in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

gopal_vegan_barcelonaFor just a few euros you get a hot pita bread filled with hot falafels, into which you can then fill up, to your heart’s content, with different salads and extras from the salad bar.

I can certainly vouch for this as a late night quick-fix option when those drinking-induced hunger pangs strike.

If you want to have a burger, but of the veggie kind, then you should make your way to plaza George Orwell, where you will find Gopal.

Here you can choose from more than ten types of veggie burgers. You can even find ‘chicken’ nuggets and pinchos, made with the vegan chicken substitute, as well as empanadillas.

And it’s all low cost. This is also in a fantastic spot to enjoy a drink and soak up the atmosphere in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.



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About the author


Dorothy is a University of Barcelona Psychology graduate, TEFL teacher and Spanish learner. She is keen on all things related to health, fitness, exploring and learning.

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