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Tinder and Other Ways to Find Love in Barcelona

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Written by Ana Petrusevski

“So how do you go on dates here?” I asked my friend Natasha, who’s originally from the UK and has been living in Barcelona for the last four years, “Are you on Tinder?”

I’m new to this city, from Sydney Australia. Many of my friends have tried Tinder back home and I’m yet to see a good reason hence my curiosity on how the locals in Barcelona feel about it.

“No way, I tried it but it’s full of tourists looking for hook-ups. I don’t believe you can find love by swiping right on some random’s picture.”

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Natasha wasn’t the first one of my friends here to have an adverse opinion of this dating app. It’s a conversation that’s taking place the world over; do people find love on Tinder or is it just for hook-ups?

This article by ShBarcelona will show you Tinder and some other ways to find love in Barcelona. 

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Online dating in Barcelona – Tinder

What do the locals say?

Many of the single locals I’ve asked agree with Natasha and some will even prompt you to, “Do it the old-fashioned way, go out and meet people!”

These were the words of Javi, who has not been inclined to follow his mates and their escapades on the Tinder app.

He believes that there needs to be more than a photo and a couple of texts exchanged before you decide you want to spend a romantic evening with somebody.

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Photo by Ed Yourdon via Visualhunt

“Where is the body language, the look in the eye? These are all things that I consider when I’m attracted to a girl I pass on the street or meet at a bar.”

However, if you are in the dating scene and as a digital option, then Lovoo and Badoo are a few that have been mentioned in Barcelona besides Tinder. We all know that any stigma about online dating is long gone, so the options are plentiful.

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Meet-ups and Tinder alternatives in Spain to meet singles

Javi says a couple of his friends in their thirties have met new friends and lovers at some of the popular Meet-ups that are run across Barcelona. Through this website, you can view events that are going on in the area for singles to mingle.

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Photo via Pixabay

He encourages newbies to Barcelona to try bars, clubs and go to friends’ parties – “Just get out there!” Another easy but great option is to head to one of Barcelona’s many cocktail bars or pubs to meet new people and talk over a delicious margarita or cerveza.

You can also get out of your comfort zone and go dancing in the city. There are a variety of styles of dance to explore, from bachata to swing to salsa, where you can enjoy a fun night out and meet people who can teach you a few moves.

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Photo via Pixabay

According to the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (INE), over half of single Spaniards are using online and digital tools as a way to date.

One other statistic from INE to throw your way is that the average age at which the Spanish marry rose from 28.9 for men and 26.8 for women in 1995 to 36.2 for men and 33 for women in 2012.

Now four years later, the numbers are likely still rising so consider that if you are feeling at a loss.

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What do you think about the hookup culture in Barcelona?
Share your ideas on expat dating in Barcelona!

About the author

Ana Petrusevski

Ana Petrusevski is an Australian writer living and working in Barcelona.


  • Hello Ana, I am an older gentleman with a bucket list of European countries I’d like to thoroughly see. I am safe, well educated, and financially independent. A few years ago, I went to Guatemala for two months – alone – and I hate being alone. Dinner for one is so depressing. Sex is not what I am seeking; it is just the company that I seek. Should romance occur, wonderful, but that is in no way a condition. If there is a way to meet a decent middle-aged woman who might like to explore Spain in-depth, I would love to communicate with her. I would pay for hotels, restaurants, travel expenses, etc. She should be Spanish, have a driver’s license, and be willing to explore with me the language and culture of Spain… and if she knows how to dance Tango…how good would that be? Thank you, Paul

    • Hello , I’m Sheila . I am a black American woman living in Barcelona for 25 yrs now. I am a widow, my husband passed away one year and one month ago . I am a professional entertainer ( singer ). I am not middle aged but I’m in my early sixties and I have my good days and my bad ones but when I’m not performing I love to travel and do things . I have to admit I don’t tango but I do love music . I like a man that’s at least in his late fifties and up . I am very much a lady and I appreciate a gentleman.

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