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Traditional festivals

Christmas shopping at Fira de Santa Llúcia

Written by Adriana
Photo via Visualhunt

Photo via Visualhunt

On November the 25th, the 283 stalls in the Fira de Santa Llúcia have been set up in the Pla de la Seu, just next to Avenida de la Catedral of Barcelona. All of them were awarded, for the first time, through a public open competition and you can visit it to do your Christmas shopping until December the 23rd between 10am and 10pm. In this traditional fair which is more than 200 years old sellers offer everything you need to decorate your home for the Christmas holidays. The space is divided into three zones according to the products:

Photo by tetegil via Visualhunt

Photo by tetegil via Visualhunt

-In the “green” area you will find: Christmas trees of all sizes, fresh moss for the crib, natural cork to decorate Jesus’ cradle, mistletoe to make your kisses to be magical, eucalyptus bouquets to fresher your house air, the typical Catalan “tió” (a trunk with a “barretina” who smokes a pipe and is hit by children with a stick to give them gifts on December the 24th) and many other “green” things that temporary cover a lot of spaces of your home at Christmas

little figures stalls for the crib where you need to decide on the ones you like from dozens and dozens of them. You can choose to be traditional and buy the normal figures for your crib, or go for some original and innovative figures of current politics and society characters. This option is particularly reflected in the funny “caganers” hiden in the bushes of the cribs, which may take the form of the King of Spain, the president of the Generalitat (Catalan government) Artur Mas, the Barça players or celebrities from the tabloids. An innocent way to mock of them all …

-An area in which to acquire other objects related to Christmas: bagpipes, tambourines, candles, tree ornaments, toys for children, etc.

Try to go to the Fira de Santa Llúcia in a weekday so it won’t be that crowded, and take the opportunity to visit the Catedral de Barcelona,, with the recently restored facade. You’ll be amazed walking between garlands, Christmas tree and crib figures and it’ll be an unforgettable experience!

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