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The Best Places To Enjoy Autumn In Barcelona

Written by Laura

The arrival of fall, although it does foretell unenjoyable things such as the end of vacations, returning to work and school and rainier weather, is also one of the most beautiful and enjoyable times of the year. In some places, the mix of reds and yellows and browns and oranges, caused by the transition of each species of tree in preparation for their leaves to fall, is a true marvel to see, and the natural areas Catalonia are no exception. Today in this article from ShBarcelona, we’ll be telling you about the best places to enjoy Catalonia’s autumn landscapes.

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Must-see fall landscapes in Barcelona

Photo via Pixabay

There are a variety of places in Catalonia where you can see the manifestations of fall at their maximum splendor. One such location is the Montseny mountain range, a great option for those interested in mushroom hunting or hiking at this time of year. The lush groves of beech trees will transport you to another world of enchanted forests, full of trails where you can lose yourself among the natural splendor. Besides its beautiful scenery, Montseny offers a variety of other advantages as well – it is only 50 kilometers outside of Barcelona and is easily accessible by car, train and certain bus lines. There are over 30 trails to enjoy in the area, among which are those that take you to the Pantano de Santa Fe, or Santa Fe Reservoir, one of the most accessible hikes for children and novice hikers.  

Another great site for a fall hiking trip is located in the Parque Natural del Alto Pirineo (High Pyrenees Natural Park), between the borders of Pallars Sobirà and l’Alt Urgell. This area is known as the iron forest, named for the way the trees appear to be rusting as their leaves begin to change color. The specific spot in the natural park that we recommend is the Virós forest.  It is one of the lesser known zones in the Pyrenees mountains, but is absolutely worth a visit as the seasons change. The trail here measures 12 kilometers and, being an area in the high mountains, requires that hikers and mountaineers possess a certain level of experience. On your journey up you can visit the refuge of Gall Fer, the population of Buiro and the hermitage of Santes Creus.

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Photo by Albert T M via Visual Hunt

The last suggestion from ShBarcelona is a more rural site that we’ve previously discussed on the blog, but transforms into a breathtaking delight in autumn: the fageda d’en Jordà. This stunning forest of beech trees (called fageda in Catalan) is situated in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, and offers a variety of trails that visitors can follow deep into the beautiful forest of beech trees for which it is named. In fall, it blooms with colors of yellow, green, brown, red and orange, embellishing the gorgeous forest even more. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to visit the volcanoes you can find there. In all of the spots mentioned in this article, visitors can enjoy exceptional cuisine, but the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park is known as one of the top spots for cuisine in Catalonia, thanks to its wide offering of traditional and more avant-garde cuisine food that creates an interesting combination – you won’t want to miss out. 

Have you visited any of these places? What did you think of them in the fall?

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