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Ideal December Weekend Getaways in Barcelona

Written by Laura

The month of December is a strange split between hard-earned vacation type and the continuous work season, and so during the long weekends in December and the start of winter break vacations, many people live during the last month of the year like it’s the best one of the season. When you have a few days free, something  just as beneficial as staying in and relaxing is getting out in the fresh air for a mini escape from the forthcoming holiday madness of visiting relatives, Christmas shopping, planning out food and lots of time indoors surrounded by people. That’s why today in this article from ShBarcelona we’ll be giving you ideas for some ways you can take a mini vacation through different escapes during a long weekend in December – you won’t want to miss this!

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Getaways in December throughout the province of Barcelona

Photo by calafellvalo via VisualHunt

As we know, Barcelona is one of the provinces that forms part of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, whose capital is the Ciudad Condal itself. The province of Barcelona is an extensive landscape that reaches from the central coast to the Pyrenees mountains. Within this vast area there are a number of enclaves and extraordinary towns conveniently close to the Catalan capital, each one with their own peculiarities and qualities that make them an ideal site for a short escape from daily life. In this article, the ShBarcelona blog will be describing three different ideas for a weekend escape in different areas in the province of Barcelona. Amazing food, natural sights and opportunities for leisure await you at these three different destinations where you can truly enjoy your time away. The first site we will be exploring is a small town in the mountains just kilometers away from ski slopes such as La Molina and La Masella, although to access them you will need to navigate your way through winding mountain roads to the other side of the mountain range. There, you will find the beautiful Cerdanya Valley, the region halfway between the provinces of Girona and Lleida. This is Castellar de n’Hug, a beautiful town in the region of Berguedà where you can find the headwaters of the Llogebrat river. In addition to the genesis of this beautiful river, you can enjoy the Museo del Transporte de Cataluña (Catalan Museum of Transportation) and the museum of the old Asland Cement Factory, a beautiful building of great architectural value.

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Photo by kristobalite via VisualHunt

The second mini-vacation suggestion we’ll put forward is a visit to one of the most highly-visited towns in the province of Barcelona, Cardona. This municipality in the region of Bages offers multiple incentives to lose yourself in the relaxation and adventure of a weekend break. Firstly, there is the region’s castle, also a National Parador (luxury hotels owned by the Spanish government located throughout the country in historical buildings and architectural buildings representative of the area) where you can stay the night in a medieval fortress. The Church of San Miguel, a manifestation of beautiful gothic architecture, is another attraction worth visiting. However, old gothic masterpieces aren’t the only architectural style you’ll find in this small enclave. The romantic style is also represented in the 11th-century colegiata de San Vicente de Cardona. Other points of interest to see in Cardona include the salt mountain, the market plaza and the pont vell (old bridge). Lastly, we’ll be talking about the capital of the region of Osana, pertaining to the province of Barcelona – Vic. This is one of the most interesting municipalities when it comes to Catalan gastronomy. It is characterized as being one of the places with the best traditional meat in Spain, and claims to have some of the best sausages in Catalonia. Here you will find every type of butcher shop where you can buy all kinds of delicacies, as well as excellent restaurants where, if you don’t already, you will learn to love Catalan cuisine.

*Main photo by UT440 131M  via VisualHunt

Have you visited one of these places? What did you think?

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