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Find the sneakers you need in Barcelona

Written by Adriana

If you’re a fan of the sneakers you know it’s very important to know which stores in a city you visit or where you live can you find this kind of footwear but always with a twist, different from the rest of trainers. Barcelona is known as one of the fashion capitals in Spain and as a city of outstanding design in Europe, and many come to buy items not found in other cities, such as sneakers. From ShBarcelona we want to give you some references of stores where to find different styles of “trainers” (or “bambas”, as is known in this city), different brands and styles. There they go!

nikeLimited Editions: in carrer del Duc No. 8 near the Rambla de Barcelona, you can find these sneakers “temple”. And I say temple because it is almost a place of worship to these items, turning the “sneakers” to objects of desire. As the name suggests, sneakers sold there are limited editions, and they expose them as it was a museum in which works on pedestals are exposed. Here you can buy a Marc Jacobs Vans or a Stan Smith Adidas, among many models from top brands.

munichMunich Shop: this famous brand with a unique design that emerged in Barcelona in 1939, is responsible for manufacturing high-quality shoes, for some years, are very popular and are used as non-athletic shoes. The “vintage” look of Munich shoes is what attracts those who buy as well as the large number of models and designs that exist, which makes them a unique and unmistakable footwear. You can find a shop in L’Illa Diagonal mall or on La Maquinista.

kaotikoKaotiko: for many years this store set the trend in clothing among Barcelona teenagers. They sell clothes, accessories and footwear and you can find it in the street Portaferrissa or in La Maquinista, sells various models of the most fashionable shoes in different colors and sizes, for both boys and girls.

casasCasas: you can find this great franchise of shoes all over Barcelona (check the website for details), selling all kinds of shoes, from shoes to boots, moccasins, ballerinas, sandals, etc. Oh, and sneackers, of course! You can find exclusive “sneakers” among the most modern and innovative models of brands such as New Balance, Converse, Nike, Puma, Panam, Superga, Vans, etc.

adidas storeAdidas Store: lovers of this brand will find here their particular palace so they could choose from the latest models and classic models to make their feet look perfect. If you’re walking down the center of the city and decide to head from the Rambla to Plaça Sant Jaume, halfway turning right by the street Aviñó you’ll crash into the Adidas store.

vansShop Vans: this famous brand which in recent years has become very popular and has transcended skating feet to spread out to the general use, also has a store in Barcelona. There is one in Portaferrissa street in the center of Barcelona, but you can also buy a shoe of this model in many other multi-brand stores. Just find the one that best fits you.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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