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Save money traveling around Spain sharing car

Written by Adriana

It’s not necessary to talk about Internet potential in terms of long-distance communication between people from different parts of the world, and other thousands of things you can do using this tool to make your daily life easier. Right? So let’s discover or get more information about one more thing to add to this extensive list of the world wide web utilities in our “digital era”. Carpool or car sharing is to travel from one place (city, town or village) to another sharing car with unknown people, and in Spain, it is becoming an enormous phenomenon. If you are spending a few days or a long term in Barcelona and staying in one of our rental apartments this is one of the best systems to travel long distances within the country if you visit other Spanish towns.

With the rising price of train tickets, the inconvenience of having to take a plane for short trips inside the country and the growing awareness of people about the environmental problem, all within a very unfavorable economic moment, have made emerge like mushrooms a lot of websites that connect drivers and users who want to share costs and vehicle to travel around. It works really easily: as a driver, if you want to take a trip somewhere but don’t have to pay for all the gasoline and tolls, just register your vehicle on the website, giving exact details of your itinerary and conditions (price, departure time, occupants number…) and wait for users to contact you. As a user who wants to take a trip in the car of another person, you must enter the site, indicate your city of origin and destination and date, choose from the options you get and contact with the driver that fits your schedules and travel requirements. The payment of the travel fee occurs when getting into the car to leave.

Once driver and user are already connected, commitment depends on them, the agreed price and everything about the trip. It may be hard to believe that two strangers can reach an agreement on a journey, but as both need to close the deal, the success of car sharing is granted. Unfortunately, users sometimes cancel their trip at the last minute and drivers are forced to travel with fewer people (and less money). It is a phenomenon that is based entirely on trust between people involved.

The websites that offer this service and connect users and drivers in Spain are, among others, Carpooling, Bla Bla Car, Amovens or Viajamos Juntos.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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