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Summertime Treats and Desserts

Written by Christine

For all of those with a sweet tooth, summertime is the perfect excuse to get in as many cool and refreshing treats as possible. Of course, ice cream is on everyone’s minds (and on every street corner), but there are even more delicious summer desserts to discover in Barcelona if you know what to look for and where to find it. ShBarcelona will help all the sweet lovers in this article, rejoice!

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Photo by: susivinh via Visual hunt / CC BY-ND

Photo via Visualhunt

Horchata de chufa is a drink that is loved by Spaniards all over the country and is gulped down all summer long. Horchata is a popular beverage that’s unique to Spain, consisting of water, sugar, and chufas, a tuber that is native to Spain. This tasty drink is sweet, cool, and refreshing but can also be a bit filling so it is considered a nice summertime treat. While many Spaniards make their own horchata, it is said that the best one outside the kitchen can be found at Sirvent, a bakery and pastry shop that serves up not only freshly made horchata but also a wide variety of baked goods and ice cream. You can find Sirvent next to the Sant Antoni market, easily accessible by public transportation. In addition to Sirvent, horchata can be found at many cafes and ice cream shops across Barcelona.


What is a granizado, you ask? If you’ve never had one, then summer is the perfect time to grab one up and slurp it down. A granizado is Spain’s answer to a snow cone, consisting of shaved ice and juicy fruit flavoring. Before you start imagining the unnaturally-colored and sugar-laden cones of your childhood, the Spanish granizado is a little bit more refined and natural. It is shaved ice mixed with fruit juice and served in a glass, meant to be drunk like a beverage. You can find granizados at many cafes and ice cream shops but one place that you should try is El Tio Che, located on the Rambla de Poblenou. Try the granizado de limón and be prepared to be blown away!

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Ice cream

Photo by: VisualHunt

Photo via Visualhunt

This one is a given – what is summer without ice cream? Throughout Spain you can find delicious hand-crafted ice cream similar to the famous gelato of Italy. Thick, creamy, and mouth-watering, it’s very difficult to find a bad ice cream cone. However, if you’re in Barcelona you must stop in at DelaCrem, a heladería that serves up ice cream that is out of this world. The flavors rotate depending on the season of the ingredients but you can always count on the products being fresh and tasty. Located on Enric Granados, it’s the perfect location to grab a cone and sit under a leafy palm and enjoy your treat.


Even though Sant Joan has already passed for the summer, a unique treat is a coca, a Spanish pastry that is made from sweetened bread and decorated with candied nuts and fruit. It’s a bit late in the summer to get your hands on the special coca made once a year for June 24th, but varieties of cocas can be found at most bakeries and pastry shops in Barcelona. It’s a typical dessert in Catalonia so you should have no problem finding a delicious one!

Which treat or dessert do you enjoy most in Barcelona?

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