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Why I Rent An Apartment When I Go To Barcelona

Written by James

In recent years Barcelona has become an extremely popular tourist destination. In fact most people who decide to visit this amazing city like me will want to return again and again to explore everything that it has to offer. Now when I visit the city even if it just over a long weekend, rather than staying in a hotel I prefer to rent a flat in Barcelona.

The main reason I chose to Barcelona apartments rather than stay in a hotel is because it allows me to explore parts of the city that most vacationers would avoid. As a result of this I can really experience what the real Catalan is like.

rental apartments in Barcelona

However this isn’t the only reason for my staying in Barcelona apartments for rent. Another reason is because I usually choose to stay in the city for a week or more and this helps to keep the costs down. This proves very useful as I now travel with my partner and children.

They love staying in an apartment rather than a hotel because it provides them with the same kinds of facilities that we would normally have at home. My kids love the thought of staying somewhere that if they want I can still prepare food that they like. Although adventurous there are occasions when a spot of mum’s home cooking whilst away is what they really want.

There are numerous websites where you can take a look at the wide selection of Barcelona rental vacations available. So finding one that not only suits your particular requirements but also your budget won’t prove at all difficult.

Of course there are some apartments that happen to be located close to the centre of the city, but I prefer to stay in one that is located a little further out. These apartments tend to be cheaper to rent. Plus I tend to find that you also get a lot more for your money.

As I’ve already mentioned you can save money through renting an apartment rather than staying in a hotel. The reason for this is that hotels are highly in demand and as a result are able to keep their rates up. However when it comes apartments the demand at certain times of year is much less and in order to get people to book them the owners are willing to change the rates to suit the times.

Normally when staying in a hotel in Barcelona you can expect to have to pay between €130 and €200 a night. Whereas when it comes to renting a flat you will often find that they will charge this kind of rate for say a 3 or 4 night stay.

But what I really love about renting an apartment during my stay in Barcelona is that I have a much larger selection of accommodation to choose from. I often choose where I stay based upon what we are looking to do during our stay in this really amazing city.


About the author


James is a passionate writer in love with the beautiful city of Barcelona.

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