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Barcelona with kids

What to do in Barcelona with kids

What to do in Barcelona
Written by Michael

Spanish people love their kids, and in Barcelona, they are no different, often including children in all kinds of activities. Where in other countries, children might be left at home so mom and dad or mom and mom or dad and dad can slip off to the bar for a few beers, the tendency in Barcelona is to take the kids along. And dogs too.

The city’s many square are an ideal place to see and do this. Hemmed in by buildings and so safe from traffic, it is very typical to see adults chatting and enjoying a beer or so whilst the kiddies run around in the square.

In fact, in Barcelona, it is quite normal to see kids running around way after their counterparts in other countries have been sent to bed.

Barcelona is a very colourful and child-friendly city. The metro is cheap and air-conditioned; food is varied; there are many parks and green spaces; and of course, there’s the beach. What child doesn’t like the beach? And there’s the perfect kiddy-friendly climate to go with the beach as well.

Away from the beach, kids seem to love the statue people that line the Rambla, earning their graft by standing stock still for many hours a day, whatever the weather. There are many different statues to admire from Victorian ladies to disquieting gothic vulture people – there is always something to delight the kids.

A little further afield kids also love the cable car which goes up and down Montjuic and provides fantastic views of the city.

The amusement park at the top of Tibidabo mountain is both enchanting and delightful for young and old alike and is the oldest amusement fair in Europe. Just getting there is fun itself and involves a blue tram and or a challenging but rewarding uphill walk.

The amusement park at Tibidabo - perfect for kids

The amusement park at Tibidabo – perfect for kids

There are also plenty of boat trips lasting from between 40minutes and several hours that will keep the little ones entertained and means mom and dad (etc) can partake of a glass of cool, crisp cava whilst the kids get splashed by surf.

Foodwise, tapas and pinchos lend themselves to the younger palate and appetite as they can pick and choose what they like without committing to a large dish. The climate also means that there are many ice cream, frozen yoghurt and bubble tea establishments perfect for quenching tiny mouths and pleasuring young tastebuds.

For a bit of culture then 4d Gaudi (near Parc Guell), the Museum of Chocolate (near Parc de la Ciutadella) and the Museum of Wax (at the bottom of La Rambla) are all very kid-happy and friendly.

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Michael is a vegetarian, dog-loving, kindle-clutching, sunshine-seeking, adventure-obsessed, responsibility-dodging gypsy who has spent much of the last five years exploring Spain and parts of Europe.

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