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Best classes to improve your posture in Barcelona

Written by Christine

Having good posture is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including both physical and societal reasons. Physically, when you have good posture, you put less strain on your muscles and ligaments, you stand up straight and tall, and put less stress on your spine. With good posture you can also present yourself with confidence, carry yourself with grace, and exude a level of comfort with your body. There are many ways to improve your posture and build up your back muscles, so here are some suggestions to help you start standing a little taller and straighter.


Photo by runwaypilates via VisualHunt

Pilates is a workout that’s loved by millions around the world for its various benefits. Not only does it help you strengthen your muscles but it tones your abs, back, and core to relieve you of back pain and help you improve your posture. Pilates is easy on your joints and boosts your flexibility and overall athletic performance. During this workout you’ll combine exercises that include light strength training that will help your muscles stay toned to help you carry yourself well.

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Pole dancing

Pole dancing is a great workout as it builds muscle strength and improves flexibility while helping you learn to move more gracefully and with better body control. These are really important when it comes to improving your posture so that you can stand up straight and tall all day without fatiguing your muscles or spine. There are several studios in Barcelona that offer pole dancing classes for women, such as Pole Dance Factory and Pole Dance BCN. Sign up and discover all of the amazing benefits that pole dancing can offer you and your body.

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Stability training

Photo via VisualHunt

Using a stability ball in your workout can help improve your balance and coordination, key elements to having good control over your body and your movements. It builds up your back and core muscles to improve your posture and carry yourself well. Classes that incorporate a stability ball will not only help you burn off calories but they will definitely help you become more aware of your posture and how you carry yourself as you build up strength. Classes that use a stability ball include Pilates, yoga, or other strength training workouts.


There are several kinds of classes that incorporate the use of a barre to improve muscle tone, flexibility, and posture such as ballet, yoga, or barre Pilates. Barre Pilates gives you all of the benefits of a traditional Pilates class plus the added use of the barre to improve posture and tone. Feel yourself get in shape and along the way move more easily and gracefully as you improve your posture and body control. Barre is a great way to feel healthy and strengthen up.

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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