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Hit the mat: try Pilates in Eixample

Written by Christine

Pilates is a workout that was developed in the early 20th century to help improve endurance and body control in addition to increasing flexibility and strength.  Today over 11 million people regularly turn to Pilates as their go-to workout for all of these reasons and more.  Pilates classes involve doing exercises on a mat on the floor or using machines to help strengthen specific muscle groups.  All exercises can be enjoyed by everyone, you don’t need to be extremely flexible or in shape to get started with a Pilates routine.  In Eixample you can find fun and invigorating classes at various studios that will help you achieve your fitness goals and help you become your healthiest self.

Harmonious Life

Pilates classClasses at Harmonious Life are kept small to ensure that each student gets proper attention from the Pilates instructor.  You can enjoy private classes for one-on-one attention or have a group of up to 4 people.  This is an advantage because the instructors are there to help guarantee that your movements and exercises are as precise as possible, as well as in sync with your breathing.  Classes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to those who are friendly with the mat and the workouts.  They are held Monday-Saturday at a variety of times to meet your busy schedule.  Harmonious Life is a bit more expensive but at this studio you will get attention and guidance unparalleled at any other studio.  Private classes will cost 165 monthly or 49 euros for a group of four.  You can also try out a class for a reduced rate; an irresistible offer!

Yoga Pilates BCN

Pilates matYoga Pilates BCN offers many classes with different focuses to target specific exercises and muscle groups.  You can try classes that are exercises entirely on the floor or work on your posture and core muscles to improve strength and flexibility.  All classes are designed to help you improve your overall strength and endurance.  This studio offers classes Monday-Thursday throughout the day with a variety of classes for you to choose from.  You can pay by the class or pay monthly, which is 50 euros a month for one class a week.  You can try out a single class at a reduced rate of 10 euros.  In addition, this studio also offers classes for expecting mothers, yoga, and physical therapy.  With so much to offer Yoga Pilates BCN is a great place to try out Pilates and more.

Pilates BCN

Pilates stretchingThis Pilates studio believes in the use of machines to assist the exercises to maximize strength training and flexibility.  All classes at Pilates BCN are given by certified professional trainers and are intended for all ages and fitness levels, so you shouldn’t feel shy to try it out if you have little of no experience with Pilates.  The classes can private for those wishing more guidance and personal attention of can be given in groups of up to 6, a good amount to enjoy a friendly atmosphere but also small enough to make sure the instructor can effectively help each student.  Group classes cost 79 euros a month for one class a week, but you can choose which classes you would like to attend since there are classes targeting different muscle groups.  At this Pilates studio you will get excellent training and guidance as you work your way up through the exercises.

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Christine is a traveler, teacher, writer, and beach-lover, exploring Barcelona one tapa at a time!

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