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Party in Poblenou!

Written by Paula

Poblenou is a very special neighborhood. In past articles, we have mentioned some of its main qualities, like having a great beach, nice parks, plenty of places to eat and a number of interesting startups.

Today, we are covering the best bars and nightclubs in Poblenou.



nightclub barcelonaOne of the most famous nightclubs in the city, Razzmatazz is a large venue that organizes a number of concerts each week. The club is divided into five rooms, each of them playing a different style of music.

Razzmatazz is located at Carrer de Pamplona, 88.

Ovella Negra

If you want to have a couple of drinks before hitting the dance floor, stop by Ovella Negra, just a short walk from Razzmatazz. Formerly a factory, Ovella Negra has become a very popular bar in Barcelona, where the most sought-after drink is Leche de Pantera or Panther’s milk.

Ovella Negra is located at Carrer de Zamora, 78.

Bare Nostrum

Decorated with a number of band flags hanging from the walls, Bare Nostrum is a cool little bar in Poblenou, mostly frequented by those who appreciate rock music.

Bare Nostrum is located at Carrer Consell de Cent, 384.

Hijos de Caín

Another cool bar for rockers Hijos de Caín. This two-story venue usually gets full pretty quickly, so you better feel comfortable in crowded spaces. You can have a drink and enjoy a foosball game on the first floor, or go for a dance session on the second floor.

Hijos de Caín is located at Carrer de Pallars, 122.

Sr Lobo and  Dixi

nightclub barcelonaMuch like Ovella NegraSr Lobo and Dixi are great places for you to warm up before going to Razzmatazz. Sr. Lobo is a small bar where you can listen to a mix of heavy metal and commercial music, while Dixi, a much larger space, is more inclined to play music by bands like The Offspring and Rammstein.

Sr. Lobo is located at Carrer Almogàvers, 88. Dixi is located at Carrer de Sancho Ávila, 50.

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