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Discover Palau Moja

Written by Christine

One of the many pleasures of Barcelona is simply walking up and down the streets and taking in the beauty of the city. The Catalan capital is known for its unique and elaborate architecture, with the iconic works of Antoni Gaudí and other famous Catalan architects who brought Modernism to the forefront. Even though many of the most recognizable works are from this period, there are many other architectural wonders in Barcelona if you know where to look. One such place is Palau Moja, a neoclassical wonder that is just waiting for you to discover it.

History of Palau Moja

Photo by Enric Martínez i Vallmitjana via Visual Hunt

Located right off of Las Ramblas and in the heart of the city, you will find Palau Moja, a great house-turned-museum that introduces Catalan culture and history to its visitors. This house dates back to 1774 when the Marquis of Moja and his wife commissioned their new home to be built upon the remains of the ruins of the Portaferrissa tower. They chose architect Josep Mas, who is also known for his work on the Basílica de la Merced and the Episcopal Palace of Barcelona. Work was done over a ten-year period and the house was finally finished and inaugurated in 1784.

Address: Carrer de la Portaferrissa, 1

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Inhabitants through the years

While Palau Moja was built by and for the Marquis of Moja and his family, the house has changed ownership and housed many notable residents throughout the years. While the Marquis of Moja and his family lived there, he had many paintings and sculptures done by well-known Catalan artists of the time. When the last member of the Moja family passed away, Palau Moja then became the home of the Marquis de Comillas, and short-term home to St. John Bosco, Alfonso XII, and famed Catalan writer and priest Jacint Verdaguer. Later on in its history, Palau Moja was also the temporary home of the Güell family and even Prince Juan Carlos I.

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Present day

Photo by Enric Martínez i Vallmitjana via Visual Hunt

Today, Palau Moja is a museum that tells the story of the house but also lets visitors learn more about Catalan culture and heritage. You can tour the house and see the impressive chapel, ballroom, and other stately rooms that make this house more of a palace. You can also sample some typical Catalan gastronomy while on your tour, in addition to buying authentic Catalan products at the museum’s shop. Palau Moja also offers workshops where you can discover local art, gastronomy, and tap into your creative side. Prices for tickets, tours, and workshops can all be found on Palau Moja‘s official website, or you can call directly for more information.

Have you visited Palau Moja? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!

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* Main photo by amadalvarez via Wikimedia Commons

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