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CDLC Barcelona: Luxury Beachfront Restaurant

Written by Brian S

Are you looking for somewhere to have a nice dinner to impress clients or family? How about a beachside lunch sipping Manhattans and sangria? Or a midnight concert in a private lounge? On Barcelona’s beach sits Carpe Diem Lounge & Club, a special setting that is much more than your run-of-the-mill restaurant and club.

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Seize the Day

Photo by morgamic via Visualhunt

At CDLC, they satisfy your cravings with a wonderful experience. It’s the perfect place for a special dinner with family and friends over their many authentic international dishes mixing Asian, Arab, and Hindu tastes. Try their white fish ceviche with clam, red shrimp, and marinated lime and coconut, or tikka masala with chicken, eggplant, zucchini, and basmati rice with some roti bread. Pair that with a glass of aged red wine or a cocktail of your choice. The Moroccan surroundings make the experience even more enjoyable with authentic tables and interior decor all around. The best part about this place is its beachside location so everyone can take in that breeze from the Mediterranean.

Dance the Night Away

Photo via Pixabay

At CDLC, the nightlife is hoppin’ and chic. They play the best music to get you dancing with a side of high-grade champagne. Dom Perignon’s classic or VIP taste is the legendary champagne that fits the party atmosphere. CDLC takes their champagne seriously, offering it ice cold and bubbly as it should always be. In addition, they host concerts with local artists of all genres throughout the week, making CDLC an all-night venue that bounces to any beat. Book ahead of time for the VIP lounge if you plan on a special celebration.

Luxury of Another Kind

Photo by baratunde via Visualhunt

Groups or individuals can enjoy privacy in CDLC’s special lounges. The Bali Lounge is built for privacy, and you can get first-class service there day and night as you eat, drink, and take in the atmosphere. Or take it to the terrace where you’ll find a bed or a table overlooking the water. This is the setting to rent for a big private party, corporate meeting, or food tasting. This VIP setting comes with security, a DJ, locker rooms, and all the technical features for a presentation.

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CDLC Barcelona is among the most progressive dining places and clubs in the city and among the best in Europe. As a beachfront restaurant with a Middle Eastern fusion of food, delicious cocktails, and a beach terrace with lounges for private dining, it doubles perfectly as an elegant restaurant and a club. Come on down to CDLC at Passeig Marítim, 32, 08003 and celebrate any occasion in style.

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