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Where to Buy Natural Juices and Smoothies in Barcelona

Written by Heather B

There are some days when all you want is a refreshing natural juice to quench the thirst. There are other days when you feel your body running low and all you need is a hit of nutrition to revive yourself. At ShBarcelona, we understand the importance of a good natural juice or smoothie when you need one, so we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best natural juice and smoothie bars in Barcelona.

Smudy Juice Bar

Photo via Pixabay

With a fantastic selection of natural juices and smoothies, Smudy serves up some of the best fruit drinks in the city. Their menu consists of freshly squeezed fruit juices from classic orange juice to the more inventive “Vegetalia” made of celery, fresh ginger, and apple juice. The Smudy’s smoothies include favorites such as the “Limonada de fresa” and the “Big Bang” (mango, strawberry and apple juice). Alternatively, opt for a dairy-based smoothie such as the “Micu Macu,” made with banana, yogurt, milk, and cinnamon. For a more nutritional drink, choose from the Smudy’s Plus menu of “functional smoothies” like the “Mango Tantra” and their breakfast-to-go smoothie, “The Despertador.”

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Petit Brot

This smoothie and juice bar produces organic, eco-friendly juices made with mostly local ingredients. Petit Brot’s cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies are local, organic, raw, vegan-friendly, sustainable, ethical, fair trade and gluten-free – so you can enjoy your refreshing drink without the guilt and worry. They make “raw living juices,” which means that their process of juicing the ingredients ensures that the nutrient contents and other properties are not altered.

Not only does Petit Brot produce natural juices and smoothies, they also serve up delicious raw ingredient dishes such as sushi and a variety of different salads, not to mention a raw brunch menu.

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Teresa’s Stairway to Health

Photo via PIxabay

Teresa’s really has made a name for itself with its selection of fresh, cold-pressed juices. The concept of Teresa’s is to serve up healthy, fast-food dishes and drinks in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Their cold-pressed juice menu includes drinks such as “Green Love” and “My sweet Horny,” while the cold-pressed pureés menu features the “Antiox,” made of orange, kiwi, strawberry, and lemon and the “Berlín,” made with orange, mango, blueberry, strawberry, beetroot and activated charcoal.

Try one of Teresa’s smoothies like the “Teresa’s Favourite Smoothie” or a smoothie bowl like the “Purple Acaí Rio.” The menu is huge, so you’re guaranteed to find the natural juice or smoothie that tickles your fancy.

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