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Bacalao al pil-pil recipe by “Cocina en…”

Written by Adriana

Today, as usual every two weeks, the gastronomic website “Cocina en…” brings us a typical Spanish recipe to learn how to cook in the traditional way. If you follow the steps correctly and the ingredients are of the highest quality, it seems that you will become an excellent cook (at least for a day!). Fish lovers can’t miss out the opportunity to learn how to prepare an excellent bacalao al pil-pil. But what is exactly the pil-pil? It is simply the name of the sauce that comes from fish juices and oil thicken when cooking the cod. Also, as always, the website “Cocina en…” is kind enough to offer to all those come on behalf of ShBarcelona a 10% discount on the following courses and workshops, don’t miss out!:

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4 slices of salted cod
5 cloves of garlic
Half chilli
300 ml extra virgin olive oil


Put oil in a pan. Peel the garlic and brown it on it. When browned put the garlic aside on a plate to prevent them to be burnt. Then clean and cut the pepper, fry it a little in the same oil you used before and put it aside as well.

Again in the same oil, we fry the cod pieces (first with the skin side up), about four minutes per side and put them aside in a plate. Keep the juice that the fish has left on the pan in a bowl.

We put oil in another pan and we wait until it’s warm. Then, we mix it up with the juice we got from the cod. We add half of the remaining oil and all the cod’s juice. Don’t stop stirring this mix with a wooden spoon until you get a thick pil-pil sauce. We put the cod in this sauce and warm it up.

We can put the cod in a plate, cover it with pil-pil sauce and garnish everything with the garlic we put aside and the chilli.

Enjoy your meal!

To desalt the cod, you must first put the cod under running water and then put it in a bowl with fresh water in the fridge (be careful that the fish doesn’t suffer from temperature changes). Renew the water every 8 hours, if that is finely cut, with three times is enough (24 hours). If the pieces are very thick you will need to do it 6 times (48 hours).

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