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Catalan folklore

Bank holidays in Barcelona

Written by James

The Catalan people are well known for their joyous and celebratory national holidays, and if you are in Barcelona during the festivities you are going to want to get involved. The city is usually filled with fun events and activities to participate in on national holidays, and the following article will detail some of the more popular days, as well as revealing how you can find Barcelona apartments for rent.

National Holidays in Barcelona

Spanish people in general take their national holidays and celebrations quite seriously, and local artists, musicians and craftsmen get involved in the various events. There is a national holiday occurring in nearly every month of the calendar, so you can expect to witness festivities regardless of when during the year you decide to visit. Readers interested in seeing a full listing of the national holidays celebrated in Barcelona should check out this page on the Barcelona Tourist Guide website, in addition to reviewing this article on the website.

Summer National Holidays

Corpus Christi is a traditional event held in June of each year, and it has been a fixture of the Barcelonan calendar since the 16th century. Corpus Christi sees the many fountains found around the city adorned with blank eggshells and flowers and is a fascinating festivity to witness. The Spanish summer solstice is celebrated on the 23rd of June each year, and the holiday is known as Sant Joan. The event culminates with a night of fireworks and bonfires, and the best place to experience Sant Joan is on one of the many beaches of Barcelona.

Autumn and Winter National Holidays

September the 11th is the Catalan National Day, and as Barcelona is the major Catalan city you can expect a large number of events to be held on this day including concerts, performances and showcases of the work of Catalan artists. Although strictly speaking it is not a national holiday, the 13th of December sees the beginning of the Christmas market around Barcelona’s main cathedral. The entire area is transformed into a massive market with hundreds of stalls selling toys and gifts, as well as food, drink and other products associated with this festive time.

Staying in Barcelona

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