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Catalan folklore

Sant Jordi in Barcelona 2023

Casa Batllo during Sant Jordi in Barcelona
Written by Daniella

Sant Jordi, the festival of books and roses, is a celebration that many people from Barcelona look forward to all year. The city’s streets are filled with books and roses every April 23, and the atmosphere is special, due to a unique combination of culture and tradition, the unification of love and friendship.

It’s the perfect time to experience the streets of Barcelona, because there’s some kind of magic in the air. In 2023 you will be in for a few surprises, and there are activities in several districts. Are you curious how to enjoy your Sant Jordi in Barcelona this year? Then don’t stop reading now!

How to celebrate Sant Jordi in Barcelona 2023

The city of Barcelona is converted into a huge market of books and roses during Sant Jordi. And the tradition is celebrated because of Catalonia’s patron saint, who is known for fighting a dragon to save a princess. According to legend, a rose grew from where the dragon’s blood touched the ground, and that’s the rose Sant Jordi gave to his princess.

Many couples exchange books and roses as a symbol of their love and friendship. And every year there are many cultural activities, like concerts, (theatre) shows, and poetry being read out loud in the streets throughout the city.

One of the most popular places to celebrate Sant Jordi in Barcelona is the famous street of La Rambla. This is where most of the stalls with books and flowers are located. Interesting fact is that it’s not unusual to see authors and writers sign their books in the city’s bookstores and shops during Sant Jordi.

Sant Jordi in barcelona 2023 with book and rose

Book and rose with Sant Jordi

Where to celebrate Sant Jordi in Barcelona

Due to restrictions of Covid-19 in previous years, La Rambla wasn’t the emblematic place it used to be. Now that all restrictions are gone, La Rambla is once again open for business (and pleasure). So this is the place to be during Sant Jordi.

The first two stretches of the Rambla will only be filled with florists and professional book sellers, making it a much less dense area with more flexibility for this special celebration. The area of Ciutat Vella and Plaza Reial will be dedicated to associations, entities and other groups.

In addition to previously mentioned locations, the Passeig de Gràcia (from Gran de Gracià to Plaza Catalunya) will be turned into a literary superilla. Professionals selling books and roses will be here to show their best products, and there is also a space reserved at the upper part of Gran de Gràcia for neighbourhood shops and organisations.

The following locations in other districts will also be dedicated to celebrating the day of Sant Jordi:

  • Les Corts: Avinguda Diagonal (Pau Romeva/Joan Güell)
  • Sant Andreu: Plaza d’Orfila
  • Sarrià: Plaza de Sarrià
  • Sants-Montjuïc: Rambla de Sants and Carrer de la Diputació
  • Horta-Guinardó: Plaza d’Eivissa
  • Nou Barris: Marquesina de la Via Júlia and Plaza de Virrei Amat
  • Sant Martí: Rambla del Poblenou

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Most important dates for Sant Jordi 2023

Different activities are planned for the celebration of Sant Jordi in Barcelona, and below you will find more information on the days leading up to Sant Jordi and the day of Sant Jordi itself:

April 19 to 21: Diálogos de Sant Jordi, a meeting between authors and readers in the library of l’Esquerra de l’Eixample.

April 22: The proclamation of Sant Jordi by Imma Monsó. It starts at 18:00h in the Saló de Cent of Barcelona’s City Hall.

• April 23: The Sant Jordi Superilla between the streets of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and the Avinguda Diagonal (from Carrer de Balmes and Carrer de Pau Claris).

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Open day during Sant Jordi 2023

The open day during Sant Jordi in Barcelona is finally back in 2023. The Barcelona City Council opens its doors from 10:00 to 20:00h, and access is free. Be aware that there is limited space, though, and if you would like some more information on this open day, you may click here.

Iconic sights for Sant Jordi 2023

Some of Barcelona’s most unique and characteristic buildings and spaces are getting ready to celebrate this day of books and roses. It’s truly a unique and unforgettable cultural event that celebrates love and a passion for books and roses. ShBarcelona can recommend visiting Casa Batlló, as it’s only once a year that you can witness the special kind of beauty that Sant Jordi brings to this iconic building.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, celebrating Sant Jordi in Barcelona is a must. So if you’re already in Barcelona, or planning to go there now that you’ve read about the celebration of Sant Jordi, be sure to mark the specific dates on your calendar so you won’t miss anything the city and its traditions have to offer.

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