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All about apartment rentals

Monthly Rentals

Written by Laura

Temporary rental of furnished flat in Barcelona
If you want to rent an apartment in Barcelona for a stay between 32 days and 12 months, at ShBarcelona we have the ideal solution for you,  the «Temporary rental ».
This type of rental is for those looking for ease and confort, meaning a completely furnished accommodation equipped for you to settle in for a few months. All you need to bring is your belongings. The majority of these apartments offer Wifi connection, and you do not need to manage water, gas or electricity utilities.

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How to reserve an apartment for a monthly stay
First, you have to find an apartment. ShBarcelona offers more than 1000 apartments in Barcelona, ensuring you can find what you are looking for. We offer apartments of all styles! From a design studio to a four-room family dwelling, to the famous penthouse with a terrace offering incredible city views. These apartments are designed so you have everything you need during your stay. Whether it´s for a family, student, business partners, roommates, executives, etc., all of our apartments are comfortable and recently decorated. The hardest part is choosing which one!

Once you have selected an apartment, you are offered two options:

  • Organize a meeting with our sales team
  • Reserve directly if you are unable to meet in person. We recommend that you read our article about long-distance property reservations here

In both cases, if you wish to reserve an apartment, we will ask for the following documents:

  • Document of identification
  • Purpose of your stay (job contract, studying/internship, registering for a masters/MBA, etc.)
  • If the purpose of your stay is personal or touristic, you will be asked to pay in advance for the total cost of your stay
  • For other documents that could be required depending on your situation, consult the list here
  • Attention: each reservation request is sent to the landlord of the property for validation. In whatever case, acceptance of a reservation and the final amount of the deposit will be decided by the landlord of the apartment.

Photo via ShBarcelona

Payment methods
To reserve an apartment:

  • Pay for the complete stay in case it cannot be justified administratively,
  • Pay the rent and the monthly costs. In this case, when you make the reservation, you will be asked to pay: the amount of fees, first month´s rent (divided proportionally) and the deposit. This amount can be paid directly to the agency via credit card, via bank transfer or in cash. In all cases, you will be provided receipts for each payment you make.

Available to you during all of your stay
Upon booking an apartment for a monthly stay with ShBarcelona, we don´t abandon you or forget about you, but the opposite. We assign you a Key Account Manager, your specialized contact. They will know your archive and your apartment by heart. They will be at your disposition throughout your stay to offer all information related to the contract and the apartment. In case of urgent or advisoral needs, they will have the solution to accompany you in resolving any inconvenience. They are in charge of carrying out the inventory with you and later, at the end of your stay, they will be in charge of check-out and return of the deposit. You arrange your room, and in case of difficult situations we offer a 24-hour, seven days a week emergency number .

Photo via ShBarcelona

To review, the steps to rent an apartment for a monthly stay:

  1. Choose an apartment to your liking that fits your needs
  2. Contact ShBarcelona to learn the conditions and receive confirmation of the availability of your apartment
  3. Complete a reservation form and send the document appropriate to your situation
  4. ShBarcelona will contact you within the next 24 hours regarding the result of your apartment request
  5. Complete the payment for the reservation
  6. ShBarcelona will send you the reservation confirmation via email
  7. We will welcome you on the first day of your contract to give you the keys to your apartment!

Our advice:
We always reccomend that our clients visit the  apartment before reserving. We work to make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, and of course, without surprises! Being able to see the neighborhood, surroundings and features of the apartment with your own eyes assures additional comfort and trust. If you are unable to visit the apartment, we recommend that you make an exhaustive list of everything you need (for example: natural light, double-paneled windows, dark curtains, dryer, etc.) and, on the other hand, specify what you don´t want (a specific neighborhood, bottom floor, shower in place of a bath, etc.) and a list of things you would like but are not essential (for example: air conditioning, dishwasher, a certain metro station, etc.) and communicate this with your sales contact. They can make a personal assessment of your list of requests with the apartment you have selected and make exact reccomendations!

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