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Renting an Apartment with Parking in Barcelona

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Written by Daniella

Everyone goes to work in the morning, and sometimes you need your car for this. Other people need a car to do their groceries. Living in a city like Barcelona, it can be quite difficult to park your car somewhere.

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So if you are planning on moving to Barcelona, your best option is to find an apartment with parking. This means you will not have to look any further for parking possibilities in your district.

Today, this article by ShBarcelona will inform you on where to find an apartment with parking in the Catalan capital.

How to rent an apartment with parking in Barcelona

Can you find parking in Barcelona?

Parking in Barcelona is not easy, especially the oldest neighbourhoods can give you a bit of a nightmare. Streets are narrow, which clearly shows that they were not made for cars to pass through, and buildings are small, so there is no room for parking in these structures.

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This is, for example, the case in the Ciutat Vella district, where there is a shortage of apartment buildings with parking options, preferably in the same building. Only a few of the recently built structures have apartments with garages.

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Underground car parks to fix part of the problem

To solve parking problems, the town council has taken care of several underground car parks being built in the district. This doesn’t only make it easier for visitors to find a spot to park their car, residents are also happy with this solution.

Other areas where parking your car can be problematic is the Vila de Gracia neighbourhood, the heart and the oldest part of the city.

small street in barcelona

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You will see narrow and mostly pedestrian streets with small apartment buildings here, and of course parking is hard to find.

The shortage of parking options in Vila de Gracia has been resolved by building underground car parks, just like in Ciutat Vella, and residents that live in the area pay an affordable price for leaving their car here.

Sants and Sant Andreu are also districts with a higher population density, and these are parts of the city where it is harder to find parking in the same apartment block.

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An even better solution: find a rental apartment with parking

Modern apartments with parking

If you are lucky, you will discover an apartment in a modern apartment building, that has arranged for parking facilities to be included in the new design and construction.

maserati in private parking

Photo via Pixabay

Apartment with parking in Les Corts

But it is not all bad news when it comes to comparing districts and neighbourhoods!

The Les Corts neighbourhood was designed totally differently than the others, and with new, large blocks of apartments being built, here they also included communal areas, such as parking facilities.

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Parking in other districts

The Pedralbes neighbourhood in the Les Corts district, Gracia la Nova, some parts of l’Eixample and Sant Martí and almost every neighbourhood with newer building constructions, are places where you will find an apartment with parking much more easily.

main street in barcelona

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So to sum it all up, Barcelona has many properties with parking, and this is due to parking problems all throughout the city, but it depends on the age of the neighbourhood, if you have more or less options to choose from.

Since the seventies and even a little before that time, many apartment buildings have been built with parking available in the same building, but normally, these parking spaces are reserved for residents.

Renting a parking spot

Some owners did not need parking, so they did not buy it together with the apartment, and that is why a parking place can be for rent. So all parking spots in an apartment building can be occupied, either by apartment owners or by people who have rented one.

Renting a parking spot in an apartment building therefore doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rent an apartment in that building too.

parking under building

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It is always important to be aware that the price of an apartment with parking is higher, than an apartment that doesn’t include parking.

Just remember that you will pay about the same amount for parking anyway. So it will be much more comfortable to park in the same building, than having to travel within your neighbourhood to get to your car.

If you prefer an apartment with parking, you can check our portfolio of apartments with parking on the ShBarcelona website. You can also check out the City Council’s website for resident parking.

Where do you park your car?
Share your experience if you are renting an apartment with parking garage!

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