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Why Live in Badalona?

live in badalona
Written by Daniella

Many people want to live in Badalona, or are at least considering the city’s location and options when moving to the province of Barcelona. Badalona is still close to the capital, and it is also an interesting living area for those who are looking for something more affordable.

If you recognise yourself in the situation mentioned above, then the following article will tell you about some of the advantages of short-term or temporary rental apartments (up to 11 months) in Badalona. We will also take you on a small tour through the city and show you some of its most iconic and fun places. You will be visiting them frequently when living in Badalona.

Advantages of living in Badalona

An affordable city

As we mentioned previously, Badalona is a much cheaper city to live in than Barcelona. That means you will be able to pay less for an apartment with better characteristics. Besides that, also the IBI (Spanish Property Tax) is much lower, and therefore you will be saving a bit by paying less once it’s time to pay your taxes.

Badalona Rambla

Badalona Rambla

Peace & tranquillity

Although we already spoke about being in close proximity of Barcelona city, there is enough distance to not have to deal with the city’s traffic and night-time noises. This can partly be attributed to the fact that Badalona’s neighbourhoods are less overcrowded. The quality of life for its residents is much better because of this.

Big city services

Badalona offers many public and private services of high quality. There are also many parks and gardens to spend lots of your free time outdoors. Some of Badalona’s neighbourhoods were areas where the press resided during the Olympics of 1992, and these areas just kept growing and improving commercially and residentially since then. And if this is not enough for you, of course, you can still move closer to the capital if you want.

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Access to some incredibly beautiful beaches

There is more than 3.5 kilometers of beach in Badalona for those who love the Mediterranean Sea. It is the best and most perfect place to spend you summer in total peace and quiet. Additionally, there is a great variety of different types of sea life that can be seen close to the coast and in shallow waters.

badalona beach

Badalona Beach

Excellent public transport and closeness to Barcelona

As we pointed out before, one of the main characteristics of living in Badalona is being just a stone’s throw from the city of Barcelona. It will take you, for example, less than half an hour to travel to the Sagrada Familia. Metro and bus connections are terrific, and they operate frequently and serve all corners of Barcelona. There is even a tram that takes you from Badalona to Barcelona.

Badalona’s main sights

The Pont del Petroli was originally used for unloading oil products, but after having been shut down the area is now a tourist attraction. After various storms in the past years, however, the Pont del Petroli is now being reconstructed to become a promenade with a viewpoint looking out over the sea and the city of Badalona itself.

This is the perfect place to take a stroll around Badalona. This promenade is full of lovely terraces, and there are many activities for its visitors to enjoy. As a pedestrian zone, this is the meeting place for many of the city's residents and visitors. It also gives access to Badalona's beaches.

Plaça de la Vila is right in the centre of Badalona, and it's a real city centre and political hub. Different main roads come together in this area, which makes it the ideal location for a city centre. You can also find Badalona City Council here, and many illustrious businesses have been here before, like the Cinema Picarol and the Circol Catolic (which is still there).

The museum was originally built as a structure to protect archaelogical discoveries. Nowadays the Badalona Museum is one of the most important places in Catalonia if you're interested in learning about the area's history. You can visit the remains of the ancient Roman city previously known as Baetulo, and look at pieces of significant historical value.

The Sant Jeroni de la Murtra Monastery is one of the oldest constructions in the area, and it was built in the Sierra de la Marina at the beginning of the fifteenth century. The cloister shows several important works, like two portraits of Catholic Monarchs (patrons of the monastery) and possibly even a portrait of Christopher Columbus.

The facilities for the Olympic in 1992 extended from Barcelona all the way to Badalona as well. This location was specifically built for basketball games. Nowadays it serves as the stadium for Joventut de Badalona, but it is also a great location for music concerts.

This is one of Badalona's most famous beaches, partly because of the Betulo Nautical Club that organises several water activities here. Badalona's Fiesta de la Ciudad takes place mid-August, and during these festivities you will be able to watch several shows and listen to music concerts on the Pont de la Botifarreta beach.

Living in Badalona offers some incredible possibilities as you have been able to read in our article. Contact our real estate team to find your ideal place to live for a while, and don’t forget to consider Badalona as your new location.

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