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How to Impress Your Lover on Valentine’s Day in Barcelona:

Written by Kevin

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” _A.A. Milne

So take it from a guy who’s already made a fool of himself once – planning a valentine’s day in Barcelona is so much harder than you can ever imagine!

Although the majority of Spaniards express their love towards their significant other on Saint Jordi’s day, there are still several who do, in fact, celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Barcelona is one of the best cities to fall in love with your companion again. It encompasses some of the most graceful architectural landmarks in Europe and can easily be placed on a pedestal reserved for the most romantic cities in the world.

It’s supposed to be simple, just like in the movies: you buy them nice gifts, you take them to a fancy restaurant, you dress up to the occasion, and you show them just how sensitive you are.

Well, it’s not.

One can’t simply get into this mess uninformed, unwarned, and hoping mere improvising skills will save the night. This is why it’s highly beneficial for any hopeless romantic to consider these tips in order to impress their lover when the day comes:

Step 1. Brunch

8594259538_c78e95c103_hBreakfast in bed is the cornerstone of any functioning happy relationship. But if you don’t feel like causing another mess in bed, then take your significant other out to any of these unique breakfast joints:

Flax & Kale (Carrer dels Tallers): For the healthy Breakfast types

Federal Café ( Carrer del Parlament): For the artistic Breakfast types

Flaherty’s (Plaza Joaquim Xirau): For the Heavy Breakfast types

Satan’s Coffee Corner (Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Ramon): For the humorous types. (My pick)

Step 2. Gifts

If you still haven’t bought your partner a gift, I don’t know why you’re still trying.  I advise you to check out these last resort shops:

ALE-HOP (Almost everywhere.. really): If you want to buy them a plush toy and a funny gag.

Flors Zinnia ( de Pau Casals): For the flowers that will one day, die.

Ryman Ryman (Carrer Santa Anna): For the vintage-collector types.

Laie CCCB (El Raval): For the bookworm survivors among us.

But, quite honestly, it would be best to go out into the center ahead of time and browse around before it’s too late. Pay a visit to Passeig de Gracia, Placa de Catalunya and malls such as Mare MagnumC.C. Glories, and L’illa Diagonal.

Step 3. Dinner

8060240405_c5f7180a66_cLike a wax seal on a letter, dinner is the perfect way to end Valentine’s Day and earn your lover’s admiration.

Barcelona is filled with all sorts of amazing restaurants. Consider these outrageously romantic restaurants:


Boca Grande (Passatge de la Concepció)

If you do end up going to this extravagant restaurant, be sure to also frequent the upstairs bar called Boca Chica. Warning: The prices of the steaks are per oz.

El Cercle (Carrer dels Arcs)

When me my friend went to make a reservation, the reception assumed we were joking and played along. That’s how fancy the place is.

After following those steps, I can guarantee you that not only will your accountant ever forget this day, but nor will your significant other.

About the author


Kevin Klink has been living in Barcelona for over a year, after graduating from college in Lebanon.

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