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Kefir: What to Know and How to Make it

Written by Brian S

When you visit the supermarket, you might mistake a special drink called kefir for what looks like a type of yogurt. While it has the same properties as yogurt, there are a few important differences such as the various types of beneficial bacteria it contains. If you try it and love it, it’s even easy enough to make kefir at home. Here’s a little more information on this popular drink, where to buy it,  and how to make yourself.

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What is Kefir?

Photo by AlyssssylA via Visualhunt

Kefir is a cultured, thick, and creamy drink with many health attributes that can also be used in a variety of desserts. It contains beneficial bacteria and yeast, essential minerals, amino acids, and vitamins B12, B1, and K.

The benefits of kefir’s high B vitamin content intake include continuous regulation of the kidneys, liver, and nervous system to help boost energy and promote longevity. In addition, kefir is full of phosphorus, the second most abundant mineral in the body, which helps burn carbs, fats, and proteins to produce cell growth and energy. Because kefir is balanced and nourishing, it contributes to the development of a healthy immune system and has a calming effect for people with chronic fatigue, cancer, sleep disorders, depression, and ADHD. Finally, kefir is known to help stop constant food cravings, keeping the stomach feeling full and the digestive system functioning properly.

How to Make Homemade Kefir

Photo by a.barys via Visualhunt

There are two ways to make kefir: either with water or with rehydrated kefir grains. The grains are more popular and make the process easier. Star with 1-2 grains of Kefir and your milk of choice. (Kefir can be made with cows milk, goat milk, coconut milk, or soy milk.)

First, stir the active kefir grains into four separate cups of fresh milk. Then, cover each with a coffee filter secured by a rubber band and place them in a warm spot, about 20°-30°C (68°-85°F), until the milk is slightly thickened. Usually, kefir is fermented at these temperatures for 24 hours. Afterwards, take out the grains from the newly textured kefir and store in the fridge.

Where to Buy Kefir?

Photo by IndyDina with Mr. Wonderful via Visualhunt

Kefir is now widely available in most places. It can be found in most supermarkets near the dairy or yogurt section. Milk Kefir Grains are traditional and reusable and used to make the drink using active yeast and bacteria. Kefir can also be flavored by blending it with fruit, vanilla extract, honey, stevia, or other tangy flavors. You can find popular brands at Mercadona supermarkets and Granja Armengolhealth markets. You can also buy kefir grains online and have it shipped to your home with the option of added flavoring.

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Milk kefir is the perfect option when you want a delicious probiotic or versatile drink. Because kefir is fermented, even those who are lactose intolerant can drink it. If you love kefir and want to make it at home, give it a try and enjoy your own creation that will taste just as good as what you can buy in the store.



*Main photo by Claudio Brisighello via Visualhunt

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