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Meet IUC Barcelona, International University of Catalonia

Written by Brian S

In a city like Barcelona, where history and culture go hand in hand, there’s a great atmosphere for all international students to join locals and other Spaniards in their studies. Catalonia is a region so linked to the rest of the world that students in multiple fields can study and be connected to the international sectors based in Barcelona. One of the best schools in the city for international study is UIC Barcelona.

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A Brief History

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The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC Barcelona), as written in Catalan, was established in 1997. UIC Barcelona started by offering degree courses in Nursing, Law, Management & Public Administration, Architecture, Humanities & Journalism, Dentistry, and Business Management & Administration. They later added IT Systems & Management Engineering, Medicine, and Political Science, just to name a few. They opened as and continue to be a private school based on a philosophy of  Christian humanism, although the school invites everyone from around the world regardless of faith to their university. UIC later added a second campus in Sant Cugat del Vallés, where it sits next to the Hospital General de Catalunya for those studying Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, and Physiotherapy.


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As of October 2017, the university currently has more than 7,800 students in 19 various subjects. They offer Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and Doctoral programs, plus UIC-specific master’s and postgraduate degrees and continuing education courses. They have more than 900 professors and administrative staff members. They also have over 900 international students with a third of them entering on exchange programs. With over 17,000 alumni, UIC graduates have an 88% employment rate and a median 94% rate of success among undergraduate and graduate students. The university itself is ranked in the Top 5 of BBVA’s list of the most productive Spanish universities and their Dentistry and Internation Cooperation programs are ranked in the top 5 of El Mundo’s list of Spanish university courses overall.

Educational Theory

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From the beginning, UIC built up the university as one of individualization, where the classes are small so teachers can interact more with the students. They have made continuous strides towards connecting with major companies to give these students a more direct approach to their degrees. UIC also preaches sustainability, a concept that involves environmental quality, social justice, and a fair and strong economy for the long term. “To speak of sustainability is to speak of an ethical imperative that has to do with issues of protection of the natural environment, poverty reduction, gender equality, health promotion, human rights, cultural understanding and peace, responsible production and consumption,” UIC states in their belief system.

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UIC is a major educational institution for everyone around the world to enter and explore the world around them. It’s a personalized attempt to make every student more comfortable in their approach to a degree in any subject they desire. Barcelona is a place that has no boundaries, and a school like UIC is perfect for those seeking a certain style of education.

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