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Interview with a Barcelona’s visitor

Written by Adriana

To get to know our city there is nothing better than asking about it to those who choose it as a touristic destination. The image we project abroad is important, especially in a country such as Spain, and more especially in a city that receives millions of visitors from around the world every year, like Barcelona. Services and entertainment options should rise to this challenge and be open to every national or international visitor who wants to use and/or enjoy them. In this interview we meet Silvia, a 37 years old girl from Pamplona that, after several years living in Madrid, is now living back in his hometown and visiting Barcelona this August …

Hello Silvia, is it the first time you come to Barcelona?

No, I have come many times before to visit friends, two of my sisters who live here and during the holidays, to spend some days on the beach and sightseeing in the city.

Why did you come to Barcelona and how long you stay?

I stay a week, I came to visit my sisters and see some friends.

What do you like most about Barcelona?

The truth is that I love this city and having beach adds a special charm to it, especially in August. Barcelona is not as big as Madrid, for example, so it is less “aggressive” towards those who come visit this beautiful city. Also I have many friends here and when I come I have no time to be bored, I have a great time! I live in Pamplona, and while there I am very happy, but sometimes I need the noise and the crowd of a big city.

And the least?

It may sound trite to say so, but in Barcelona the people are a bit more closed than in Madrid or Pamplona and I’m not used to that, it takes a little longer to relate to people from here for that reason.

Silvia Thanks for answering my questions about your visit to Barcelona! For more information about our rental apartments in ShBarcelona please visit our website here.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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