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INTERVIEW: Abrassame, Mediterranean food in the heights

Written by Adriana

In recent years we are witnessing a true gastronomic renewal in our country, and we have already become a world power in terms of renowned chefs and Michelin star restaurants. Within this change also we find family projects like Abrassame, a restaurant with an excellent menu with Mediterranean-style dishes, served in a luxurious setting with panoramic views of Barcelona. In ShBarcelona we love to eat well and share with you our best proposals, and this is one of them… So we wanted to talk to its owners and tell you a little more about it:

What is Abrassame and how this gastronomic project came up?

Terraza-Con-Logo- abrassameAbrassame is a family restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine with a single goal; that our friends and customers live a nice experience with us combining the magic of the five senses.

The project grew out of that we are an enterprising family and we like good food, so we believe in facing this new challenge with professionalism and optimism.

Who is behind Abrassame and what is your professional background up to open the restaurant?

Behind Abrassame there is a family with very different personalities but that get along very well. Close-knit family, with different styles that are projected in the restaurant, with its four rooms and our varied menu, while maintaining harmony and affection between us.

The location of the restaurant at the top of the Arenas de Barcelona mall is privileged, how you came up here?

local abrassame

It was love at first sight. One day, in the evening, out of curiosity we went to the dome of the Arenas de Barcelona. Seeing the magnificent 360 degree views over Barcelona, we clearly saw the potential of the location. The dome of the Arenas, a former bullring converted to shopping and leisure center that houses tradition and history. A majestic and unique environment of which we were smitten, love at first sight. So we also fall in love with both the locals and with the international tourists who visit the city each year.

Tell us a little more about your menu, what we have to try among the main dishes, desserts or wines?

Grilled fish and seafood

Grilled fish and seafood

We modify the menu every six months, spring-summer and autumn-winter. We create our menu, always with the help of our chef preparing market studies, provided innovative ideas, conducting tests, presentations, it is difficult to choose a few dishes and discard others.

In our restaurant you will find more than 30 dishes in which we find from salads, tapas, ham, mussels, Galician octopus, squid, shrimps with garlic, wild sea bass ceviche or



Bluefin tuna among others… you may also find delicious paellas, fresh fish from the fish market and grilled meats. There are many references in the menu, it was a challenge and with the help of the entire team, we have excellent results with it.

A couple of months ago we add a Mibrasa oven at the Showcooking. It is a cooking oven with

Rice with lobster

“Arroz caldoso con bogavante”

coals, adding value, flavor and quality to our fish and meat.

The specialty of our chef, is the rice with lobster. With fumet prepared by himself with fresh rockfish.

How has been undertaking a business like this in Barcelona? How was the reception by the public?

It has not been easy. For those who like good food, in Barcelona we are fortunate that there are very good cuisine. So we’re working and learning every day, with illusion and enthusiasm to become a benchmark restaurant and offering quality at affordable prices, with a professional and attentive service, in an avant-garde setting with views of Barcelona we are getting where we want to be.

abrassameWe had a perfect welcome by the public. In fact, we are still here for them and because of them. The customer is wise and increasingly demanding. And who knows us knows that we will always give our best.

Could you tell us something in the future of Abrassame that nobody knows yet?

As I have said before, we are a family that like to take on new challenges, so after three years we are planning to open another restaurant in the not to distant future.

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