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Fun and cheap ways to survive Barcelona’s heat wave

Fun and cheap ways to survive Barcelona’s heat wave
Written by Paula

With temperatures around 30ºC and a thermal sensation that adds 5 or 6 degrees more, locals and tourists are struggling to get through the hot, humid days. The heat is so overwhelming, many are resorting to activities inside air-conditioned spaces like malls, movie theatres and museums.

With an electric fan shortage in stores all over the city, people are looking for any way to cool down.

There always the most obvious options like going to the swimming pool or spending the day at the beach. But not everyone has access to or is willing to pay to go on a swimming pool. And unless you plan to spend the whole day in the water, lying on the beach starts being tolerable only after 8 pm.

But don’t despair, there are plenty of other ways to fight the heat.

Here are some of ShBarcelona’s suggestions for fun and cheap ways to survive Barcelona’s heat wave:

Have a water balloon fight

barcelonaEvery person should experience at least one water balloon fight in their lives. If you had this experience when you were a kid, revive those fun childhood days by gathering a group of friends and spending an afternoon bombarding each other with balloons. If you have never been to a water balloon fight before, you will rejoice on the pleasure of smacking the ones you love across the face with water-filled rubber.

Slip n’ Slide

Water park? Who needs a water park? Just buy a couple of extra thick, extra large meters of plastic, set it outside in the garden, let the hose soak it up and prepare for hours of fun running, diving and sliding on top of your improvised water slide.

Have a sprinkler party

Ready for some more childish fun? Find a friend or a relative who has a house with a garden and some hoses and set up a bunch of cheap sprinklers outside. Invite people over and make a party. To make things more fun, appoint a couple of judges, give them markers and some paper so they can grade people’s graceful, messy or wacky jumps over the sprinklers.

barcelonaIf all else fails, fan up

If you can’t find enough people to organize these activities with or don’t have a relative to go to for your garden party needs, you can always resort to buying personal fans. Not the old, touristy, fan-yourself kind of fans, but fans you can actually have fun with. Stores like Ale-Hop and Tiger offer a selection of battery-operated fans you can hold in your hand, with fun characters on them.  There are also fans you can fill up with water and spray yourself as you go, as the propeller rotation refreshes you.

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