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Free Graffiti Art Tour

Written by Olivia

While walking around the quiet back streets and neighborhoods of Barcelona, frequently you will see graffiti displayed on the walls. I don’t mean graffiti that includes curse words, meaningless doodles and gang signs. I mean serious, contemporary works of art that, unfortunately, are stigmatized by gangs and hoodlums. If you have been living in Barcelona for awhile but are too proud to go on a

graffitiIf you have been living in Barcelona for awhile but are too proud to go on a touristy tour but want to get to know the neighborhoods a little better, I have the perfect solution: Barcelona Street Style Tour.

How it works

“Barcelona Street Style Tour takes its guests in and out of the city’s streets and alleys, in the various districts of this great city, in which guests will be informed about the emerging street art/graffiti movement in Barcelona and get up close to some of the best art in the city.”Street Style Tour

Free Graffiti Art Tour These tour guides know their spray paint, and have an eye for showing the best of the best graffiti in Barcelona. Not only will the guides show you artwork, they will familiarize you with some of the coolest local bars, authentic art galleries and shops, hidden boutiques and even popular places to skateboard (think MACBA).

The best part about this tour is that, technically, it’s free! However, these guides are magnificent and they work hard for their tip.


El Borne/El Gotico– This tour will take you throughout the neighborhoods of Born and the Gothic Quarter, displaying the historical richness of these power “barrios”, and even historical graffiti (it’s a thing)! The meeting is at 14:00 every day (Monday through Sunday), and it is not necessary to make a reservation in advance. However, if you decided to do a big group tour, I strongly advise reserving in advance to give your guide a proper warning. The meeting spot is at the Arc d’Triomf, usually lasts two and a half hours, and of course, is free.

Here is a map of the guide from the website:graffiti

El Raval– This tour meets in front of the main entrance to the MACBA in Placa dels Angels, every day at 16:45 until 19:15 more or less. Not only will they show you the enchanting and ever-captivating neighborhood of Raval, they will show you both older murals and more contemporary artwork from local graffiti artists. This tour is also free, and ends near Parallel, where you can find a handful of local, cheap bars to celebrate your newly gained knowledge of street art.

Poblenou Bike Tour– This tour is a little different than the others: it costs €18.00 bike included, you need to reserve 24 hours in advance with a minimum of 2 people, lasts 3 hours, and is much more detailed! This still-developing industrial neighborhood is filled with architectural gems, proximity to the beach, textile industries and gypsy camps.

As Poblenou is still, shall we say, under construction, there is much less traffic, and it is a tranquil bike ride through the wide streets of this modern-concrete haven.

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About the author


Olivia is an international Business Management student in Barcelona. She has American blood and an international spirit.


  • Hi,

    Are you still running art tours At 445? Thanks!
    (WE would like to come today sept 11)

  • Hi! Is the Gothic Tour or Raval Tour still available. We’d like to come to see one of these today.

  • The Barcelona Street Style walking tour has a website and you do need to make a reservation with them. It is still free and fabulous. Just did it today. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    • Hi Elisa,
      You have now contacted the blog of ShBarcelona, a real estate agency. Please email or phone the graffity tour agency 🙂

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