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World Environment Day

Written by Daniella

The environment is a set of factors, that makes life for every living being possible, and that can be altered by various elements provoked by humans, such as industrial activities and life and consumption habits. Taking care of the environment, in order to make life on earth healthier and to help us live better, is a must for all human beings, including future generations. Today, this article ShBarcelona wants to commemorate World Environment Day.

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The environment should be priority nr. 1

Photo via Pixabay

In essence, the environment is a set of external factors that acts as a system, and that determines the course and form of any existence. An environment could be considered a superset of key elements, and the most important elements are:  Physical environment: geography, physics, geology, climate and pollution. Biological environment: human population and demography. Flora: source of food or food producers. Fauna: animals or animal products. Socioeconomic environment: occupation or work and being exposed to chemical products. Urbanization or the cultural development of each family. Disasters: wars, floods (rainfall). This system, that is affected by so many factors, must be in a specific balance, so that our planet can be habitable and functional, a place to live in a healthy and comfortable state, without damaging some of the elements that are a crucial part of the whole system. It seems rather complicated, especially when industrialized and developing countries seek economic evolution, without taking many of the environmental elements that make life for all animal and plant species possible into account. States and nations have had, and mostly still have, a short-term mentality resulting in a lifestyle of immediate pleasure, money and comfort, without thinking twice of the possible consequences on the environment.

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Photo via Pixabay

World Environment Day (or WED) has been established by the UN on December 15, 1972. It is celebrated every June 5 since 1974, the day on which the Stockholm Conference began in 1972, which was dedicated to the Environment and the subsequent World Bicycle Day. On that day, the UN General Assembly approved the creation of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). World Environment Day is organized to make the world’s population sensitive to environmental issues, especially at a political level. The basic objectives are to provide human context and to motivate people to become active agents of sustainable development, to promote the primary role of communities in changing their attitude towards environmental issues, and to encourage cooperation for a sustainable environment. This way it hopes to guarantee that all nations, countries, territories and people enjoy a more prosperous, safe and sustainable future, and to be able to live in a better quality environment.

What do you think about World Environment Day?

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