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Cats and Barcelona

Barcelona Rambla Raval
Written by James

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Nowhere is this more evident than when you look at those of a cat. As you look into these there are a number of things you can learn even from those you see prowling the beautiful streets of Barcelona.

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As with a number of physical characteristics, when it comes to cats they way they are feeling can be seen through their eyes. So if you are considering taking a shot of a cat you have spotted whilst exploring the streets of Barcelona then you need to be aware of what these are. You don’t want to find yourself faced with a cat that doesn’t look cute in the pictures you’ve taken and want to retain as a keepsake of your amazing time in the city.

Photo via Pixabay

When you are thinking of taking any pictures of a cat look closely at their eyes pupil size. If the pupils are quite narrow then the cat isn’t happy, in fact, he’s quite angry and just wants to be left alone to his own devices. However, if their pupils happen to be large and their eyes are wide open this tells you the cat is feeling frightened or excited. Wait a few minutes and see whether they run or stay around to see what you are doing.

As for a cat that is just chilling, you’ll notice that its eyes seem to be a shade darker than what is considered normal. Not sure why this is but it probably relates to a chemical reaction in their body.

When in Barcelona, of course, there is one particular cat you’ll definitely be able to get pictures of without worrying about how it is feeling. The cat I’m talking about here, of course, is The Raval Cat (El gat del Raval). This particular statue was designed by Fernando Bolero and purchased by the City Council in 1987.

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Photo by moriza via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

Originally the cat spent the first 16 years of its life in the city like any other cat wandering the streets of Barcelona. However, in 2003 the city then decided to provide it with a permanent location in the newly created area of the city known as Rambla del Raval. Since its relocation here it has become very much an integral part of this area of Barcelona and is often the most popular place that people choose to meet up with friends before deciding to explore what the city has to offer further.

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