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Tips for sharing a flat in Barcelona

Tips for sharing a flat in Barcelona
Written by Paula

Barcelona is an excellent city to live in with lots of culture, arts, events, good food, nice people, and great music.

If you are planning to move and live in Barcelona, renting a room in a shared flat, there are a couple of things you should know.

Here are ShBarcelona’s tips for sharing a flat in Barcelona.

flat sharing barcelonaFirst of all, don’t rent your room before you are actually in the city and can visit the place. The idea of arriving with your room already waiting for you is great, but the truth is that some of the pictures featured in online listings aren’t always representative of the flat’s true nature.

The ideal thing to do is either stay with someone you know the first couple of weeks, or stay at a hostel/hotel while you search. That way you can make an informed decision, having talked to the owner of the apartment face to face and having seen the place for yourself, instead of getting stuck with lousy accommodations for a year.

The best way to look for a flat to share in Barcelona is by visiting the local room/flat renting websites. The most used ones in Barcelona are:



Easy Piso 



There are also Facebook groups for people looking to rent a room in Barcelona.

It’s important that you have access to internet so you can check the websites often, and a Spanish phone number with which contact owners and be contacted. A lot of owners can be reached via Whatsapp, which makes communication cheaper, if you have access to internet.

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When looking for a room, pay attention to the flat’s description.

Does it have central heating? Does it have air conditioning? Are pets allowed? Is your window exterior (you can see the street) or interior (the window points towards another compartment in the house or towards an inside wall of the building)?

One thing you should always ask is “Los gastos estan incluidos?”, meaning “Are the expenses included?”. If they are not included, you will have to spend a certain amount every month to pay for electricity, water, gas, and internet.

flat sharing barcelonaBefore deciding to rent, ask the owner if there is a contract. The majority of rooms in Barcelona are rented without a contract. This gives you the advantage of being able to change flats when you want to. If there is a contract to be signed, you shouldn’t be charged for it. Some landlords try to take advantage of the fact that foreigners don’t know local law and make them pay absurd amounts for lawyer’s expenses.

When you finally find your room, just use your good sense. Sit with your roommates to discuss the house’s rules, be polite and considerate, and everything will be fine.

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Paula is an experienced content writer, translator and editor.


  • hi if i was to rent a 2 bedroom apartment could i have a single flatmate to share the rent?.and would i get a better deal if paying say 1 year in advance.? i understand short term contracts are more a 53 year old single male and want to explore the spanish lifestyle with the possibilty of relocating there..i have no doubt there will be clients willing to share and would be looking for someone around my age who has a grasp on the spanish cultre and language..i would be flying to the uk on a regular basis and would prefer to spend 6 months in the uk, 6 months in spain..but keep the flat or apartment on full time.any advice would be appreciated..many thanks. chris..

    • Hi Chris,
      Please contact our office for specific answers to your questions.

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