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Discover La Filmoteca

Written by Christine

Barcelona has long been regarded as a fantastic ‘city to be’ by those that love the arts and culture. With a long history as being a host to many famous artists, architects, and filmmakers, Barcelona has deep cultural roots that can be discovered still today by the public; whether it’s walking down the street to take in the views or exploring one of the many museums. One place for film lovers to check out is La Filmoteca de Catalunya, an archive dedicated to all things film. Learn more about La Filmoteca and why it’s certainly worth a visit.

History of La Filmoteca

Photo via Pixabay

Established in 1963 during Franco’s regime, then La Filmoteca was controlled by the Spanish government, but once democracy was restored it came into the control of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Since it is an extension of the Culture Department of the Generalitat, La Filmoteca‘s first primary duty was to host daily showings of Catalan and international films.  Along with these showings, it was decided that La Filmoteca would start collecting and preserving films, especially those of cultural importance, and thus became a film archive in 1992. These are just some of the functions that La Filmoteca still carries out to this day. Address: Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 1-9

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What La Filmoteca does

La Filmoteca‘s main objective is to share their passion for cinema and film, especially those films that highlight and celebrate Catalan culture. In addition to collecting and preserving a large number of films, La Filmoteca also has educational services that work with schools to introduce children to the magic and wonder of film, while also helping expand their knowledge through visual materials. You can also consult La Filmoteca‘s webpage to download a copy of their monthly program, which lists the daily showings of movies for the month, and take in a classic film. Lastly, the archive also has a library filled with films, posters, programs and magazines that are just waiting to be discovered.

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Visiting La Filmoteca

Photo via Pixabay

Take in a movie at La Filmoteca for a cinema experience unlike any other. A normal ticket costs €4, but you can buy a bundle of tickets for €10 which will get you into 10 sessions – a fantastic deal. There are also discounts available for kids. students, seniors, and others. You can jump in on a guided visit to La Filmoteca or check out one of its several expositions that take place throughout the year. There are many ways to get to know La Filmoteca and all that it has to offer, so what are you waiting for? Plan your visit and discover one of Barcelona’s many cultural treasures

*Main photo by Arkangel via VisualHunt

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