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La Filmoteca: Let’s talk about cinema

Written by Adriana

It’s been a while since we dind’t mention the Filmoteca de Catalunya, a emblematic landmark in Barcelona for cinephilia and cinema lovers. With the opening of the new venue in the Raval district of Barcelona, they have created new exhibition spaces, new resources and above all, a more central and accessible location to anyone who wants to come whether is a local inhabitant or a tourist.

There are currently several active series in “La Filmo” program that stands out and you can’tt miss out on, great references and masterpieces within the cinema history. Within L’ Escac a la Filmo, you can enjoy the monthly meeting at Chomón Room, and tomorrow they will screen “Stockholm” by Rodrigo Sorogoyen (at 17h), with a presentation by the same director. This film has been nominated for 3 Goya awards and tells the story of two stangers who fall in love after a wild night at a club, but then turns out to be nothing like they expected for neither of them. Within the seminar on the Holocaust they wanted to show and reflect, on the 80th anniversary of the genocide of millions of Jews, about the Nazis and invites us to take a critical look at our present with films like “Conspiracy” by Frank Pierson. In this screening, which will take place tomorrow at 18’30h Josep Calvet, PhD in history and researcher at the University of Lleida, will be presenting this film about the Wannsee Conference, where the bases of Nazism and the indiscriminate extermination of Jews were settled. In the series “Space like the main character” a collaboration with Arquinfad, an interdisciplinary association of design and Promotion of Decorative Arts, which will last until the end of June, which tries to show how the space, architecture, landscape and even emptyness can be the hub of a movie. For the occasion tomorrow you can watch, at 19’30h, the movie “Ohayo” by Yasujiro Ozu, a classic film introduced by Marta Peris. Also tomorrow you can watch a double session of the “So British” series, which includes the films “Drifters” and “Listen to Britain” which wants to show that the British cinematography exists and has its own way of dealing with social issues, with the typical English sense of humor.

In the tercentenary celebration there is a series called “History and Identity 1714“, which is based on two axes: what was going on the world while the troops of Felipe V besieged Barcelona and in which ways can identity can be expressed. In March the 21st will be a screening within these series of “Le Roi Danse” by Gerard Corbiau, which deals with the figure of Louis XIV, which will become the “Rei Sol” thanks to his skills in dancing.

At ShBarcelona we love to promote the culture of Barcelona and because of that we invite you to go to this great institution which is also a great architectural achievement of Barcelona City Council.

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Adriana is a writer, content & community manager, web designer, media analyst and tireless traveler.

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